VivoWatch BP tracks Progentra user's blood pressure


      A brainchild of Asus, the VivoWatch BP is a wearable blood pressure monitor. As incidences of high blood pressure balloon to 1 in 5 people and claim 9.4 million deaths all over the world, according to the World Health Organization, Asus has taken the challenge to create a portable blood pressure monitor that can give real-time updates on the status of your heart.

      In the past, blood pressure monitors were heavy, immobile devices that had to be used in a hospital setting or at least lying down. These were made by Omron, which has also been taking a stroll in the mobile blood pressure field, but Asus has come up with a great design, and with its history in laptops and phones, it has already branded itself widely among users, so can create products that are chosen quickly. Not to mention, sleek and stylish. The VivoWatch BP is the most lightweight and streamlined watch yet to be created. And small. As you know, people like things small.

      While the watch isn’t the thinnest of watches, it is a great feat of engineering, programming, and sheer magnificent design. The VivoWatch BP is an impressive blend of an electrocardiogram (EKG) and photoplethysmography (PPG) to give the wearer an accurate and immediate reading of their heart rate and blood pressure. This watch is very light and has a sleek design that is both functional and stylish. It has a large display that is easy to read and is very comfortable.


man who takes Progentra looking at his Vivowatch BPTo get a reading, you just press a finger on the PPG sensor, which is located on the top of the watch. Keep your finger there for 15 to 20 seconds. If the watch does not display your blood pressure accurately than you should try another. You may want to have some idea what your usual blood pressure is, to ensure the VivoWatch BP is accurate. With repeated tests, you should see little variability and this is a great way to keep a close eye on your health, especially if you have heart problems or are an athlete who’d like to monitor the health of your heart.


In addition to the heart tracking abilities, the VivoWatch BP also boasts all the usual features of health trackers. It monitors your sleep patterns and activity levels. One issue that may be found with the VivoWatch BP is Asus’ claims that it can monitor how good you are sleeping and your de-stress index, a word that is circling around the advertisements of the VivoWatch BP. While this may not be as accurate as you would think, Asus is looking to integrate your health into the cloud using an app called HealthAI.

This app will be able to offer customized health advice that targets the areas the VivoWatch BP has determined need support through the data it has collected over time.  Like a personal trainer, you will be able to strengthen these specific areas and get on the path to better health. In addition, Asus has also expressed the future implications that users will be able to share collected data from the VivoWatch BP with their families and doctors, though privacy and security issues surrounding this haven’t been ironed out, yet.


Usually, for blood pressure monitoring, users have to put on that tight cuff (known in the hospital world as a sphygmomanometer. Try saying that one time fast!), sitting still, and waiting for their levels to be read. Many of these machines are available in stores, free of charge, to help everyone become more aware of their health. Not only are they available, but they are linked to an online profile where users can keep track of their health. But, with the VivoWatch BP, they need only wear it, wait 15 to 20 seconds, and get their readings at any time. No potential bruises, no large machine that can’t be moved, and data that can be used to help them in a variety of ways.

monitoring BP on vivowatch fitness tracker and phone appAsus has said the VivoWatch BP produces a heart monitor machine that is 780 percent smaller than all on the market and 50 lower in weight than all others. In addition, according to Asus, the battery life is a tremendous 28 days. Or those who are older or have significant health issues, a watch that doesn’t have to be charged for a month is amazing. This will take a lot of weight off of them and their family members. Literally! TheVivoWatch BP also boasts an amazing simply operating system and large display that can be used for those who are elderly or have visions impairments.


As of 2018, the VivoWatch BP is priced at $169 and will be released in Taiwan in July, and Europe in August. US availability has not been released, at this time, but the market for this magnificent watch is waiting with bated breath.

$169 is a very reasonable price for a watch that can do all of these things. For anyone of any age, the health of your heart is vital. With constant updates, trackers in the cloud, and apps that can give you a personalized experience, improving your health is a finger away.


      We have heard of the stories of athletes losing their lives to undetected heart issues. With the VivoWatch BP this may not be the case. Not only is this watch useful for those with heart difficulties or those who are of an older age, but it is excellent for everyone because heart issues may sneak up on your or be present without your or your doctor’s awareness. Not to mention, athletes could get great benefits.

      So, when the VivoWatch BP comes to your country, pick one up, and give your heart some love.