The Mystery Behind Ultra Herbal Multi Vitamin for Him

Ultra Herbal Multi Vitamin for Him

According to Amazon, this product was designed for men and is a potent blend of different vitamins and minerals men need to support heart health and the prostate gland:
Ultra Herbal Men’s Health Formula was created specifically to handle the rigorous physical and mental demands on today’s man. This formula combines for the most complete and effective men’s daily multi-vitamin and multi-mineral formula available today. With its powerful array of super foods, wellness herbs and a special herbal blend carefully formulated to support men’s chemistry, the Ultra Herbal Men’s Health Formula is the ultimate health supplement for today’s man. Don’t settle for a vitamin supplement not geared toward your specific body chemistry. Many men turn to whatever vitamin they find on the store shelves. While these do have benefits, they can’t pack the complete men’s health benefits boasted by Ultra Herbal Men’s Health Formula.”

Sounds great to me? But what’s the catch, what is the great mystery we have uncovered upon further investigation of this product?

Well… basically …. that it barely even exists. Let’s cover the Who? What? Where? When? And Why? of this product


The interesting and most curious thing about this product Ultra Herbal Multivitamin For Him is that it is was manufactured by a smaller company that was purchased by Natural Products

Association. Natural Products Association has a great reputation in the health care world. They have been around for the past 75 years. They have had staying power and always been on the cutting edge of supplement technology. The company they bought out started in 2002 and has since created Ultra Herbal Multivitamin For Him. Weird? Right?

What?How to take

So what is even inside this mystery pill? The manufacturers have been reluctant to telling anyone that. From researching extensively past product sellers and the two other reviews that exist, it seems that there is a mix of Lycopene, Saw Palmetto, Selenium, and different letter Vitamins A-K.


Where can you purchase this product, it seems like right now it may even be off the market temporarily. I’m not sure they were able to sell it without disclosing an ingredient list.


This product became available on Amazon back in 2013. It since has been made unavailable to the public.


Boost the immune system

Why would such a reputable company launch this product and then make it unavailable and never release the ingredients if it is just a basic multi vitamin for men? The mystery lies therein. Unfortunately we were not able to crack this cold case, though we were pretty hot on its trail. This product will remain a mystery to supplement buyers and reviewers everywhere. It could be a great product, the fragments we do have of the ingredient list seem solid. All you would have to do try it is find a seller and then you can let us all know what the deal is.