Science-Backed Ways to Make Your Brain Have More Energy

The overwhelming tasks we’re required to do daily make it hard for the brain to preserve energy. It also makes it tough for the brain to generate energy when needed. One thing’s for sure – the energy in the body isn’t infinite. It needs to be observed and refilled. Otherwise, you’ll burn out. If you mostly spend your days eating unhealthy foods partnered with a sedentary lifestyle, it becomes almost impossible for the brain to keep pace with your daily obligations.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to increase your brain’s supply of energy so that you’ll be more efficient in your daily tasks and responsibilities. Here they are:

1. Make the right lifestyle choices

At the end of the day, what we look like and how we feel health-wise depends on the habits we’ve chosen for ourselves. Good habits will give you good results and it can manifest in you physically and mentally. The same cannot be said when you have poor lifestyle choices. Your habits also promote or repress your brain’s capacities and development.

For instance, research determines that brain cells generate nerve growth factors (NGF) even if you just work out moderately for half an hour. Sufficient sleep and a well-rounded diet also help the brain learn and recall things with more ease.

When it comes to replenishing your brain’s energy, moderate exercise, adequate sleep, and a healthy diet are essential factors to live by. Moreover, when these three components are followed consistently as part of your daily life, you encourage cellular development in the brain and neuroplasticity makes it likely for people to widen their brain’s cognitive functions. Your habits strongly influence this process and mechanism.

2. Challenge your brain

Your body needs physical training in order to gain muscle and boost endurance. The brain needs the same thing. It needs to be challenged in order to heighten the flexibility of your cognitive functions. A good example is reading something that pushes the accumulation of new ideas, concepts, and interests. You may also take on activities that can broaden your present knowledge on a particular subject. If you want to boost your creative juices, you need to work on your memory, which can be enhanced through taking in new information.

3. Give it its well-deserved rest

The brain regulates and observes everything that you do. Your everyday decisions depend on your cognitive functions and processes. It may only weigh three pounds but the brain uses 20-25 percent of the body’s energy resources. It also has approximately 100 billion neurons. Hence, the brain gets exhausted fast.

For this reason, it is suggested that you let your brain rest every hour, or more often if you feel necessary, whenever you feel fatigued or stressed. To do this, you can get out of your place for a while to take a walk. Organize your desk or do some stretching if possible from where you are. You can also allow your mind to just daydream.

4. Think positive

Wallowing in self-pity and other things negative aspects of life would render your brain less capable of properly functioning. As a matter of fact, research determines that it’s not possible to focus on a positive and negative thought simultaneously. Also, negative feelings can lead to the deterioration of creativity, thinking process, recall, and planning. On the other hand, positive emotions enhance every one of these four brain functions.

However, it seems impossible to not get caught in the negative. Bad things happen and we react to them naturally. It can be tough to alter your emotions. Still, it is actually possible to shift your mood into something positive by doing something fun.

While there’s this force in you that makes you feel that wallowing in negativity is what’s needed given your state of emotion, you can actually do something to change your frame of mind, you just don’t want to sometimes because of this negativity that seems to paralyze you into self-destruction.

For example, you can watch funny movies, shows, or just videos on YouTube. You can listen to music since listening to a good song can always lift your spirits when you’re feeling down. You can talk to a friend or a family member about the thing that’s giving you distressing. This’ll help you lessen the emotional burden. Whatever it is that relaxes you or makes you happy, you can do that to shift your mindset from negative to positive.