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How Safe and Effective is Green Coffee Fat Burn?

Product Introduction

If you’re one of those who want to transform your body by making it leaner and more toned the natural way, you may have come across ads for Green Coffee Fat Burn. This weight loss supplement touts to be made from 100 percent green coffee bean extract, which is also claimed to be highly effective in torching fat and ultimately shedding weight. But are these claims just assertions or is there truth in them?

About Green Coffee Fat Burn

cup of green coffeeMoreover, this weight loss supplement touts to make use of chlorogenic acid that comes from unroasted coffee beans. Its purpose is to slow glucose assimilation in order to decrease the size of fat cells and to torch occurring fat supply. What’s more is that it also claims to generate other benefits, including:

Torch fat without the need to undergo intense workouts though it is important to note that exercise, even moderate one, is still crucial in order to see maximized results
Sustain stable glucose levels

Avoid impairment caused by free radicals with the use of antioxidants present in green coffee extract

Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

As of this writing, the supplement is accessible via a 14-day trial. So, in order to try the product, you need to pay $4.95 to cover S&H fees. You will then be sent a one-month supply of Green Coffee Fat Burn containing 60 capsules. Your 14-day trial will start on the date of which your order is made, meaning you will roughly have 10-11 days to really try it.

If you’re not happy with the results, you need to cancel your enrolment with the 14-day period. So, you have to reach the manufacturer at 855-496-2377 to return the item. If not, you will be automatically billed $87.63, Green Coffee Fat Burn’s full price. You will also be signed with their autoship plan, which means that you’ll keep on getting a monthly supply of Green Coffee Fat Burn with your credit card being charged for $87.63 for every delivery. If you’re not happy with this arrangement, you can opt to cancel.

Final Verdict

Green Coffee Fat Burn doesn’t have any scientific data to back up its claims of weight loss. While there are studies referenced in the supplement’s official site, we’re not certain as to the authenticity of the said studies. For one, the product that was used in the research was something else, not Green Coffee Fat Burn.

fit couple with ripped absNext, Green Coffee Fat Burn touts to be the only one that’s made of entirely coffee bean extracts. But we can’t really know that since its product site doesn’t have any product label. There isn’t any list of ingredients that customers can check for reference. There’s also no citation with regards third-party trials. Of course, customers would prefer if there’s a list of components. After all, you’ll be ingesting in so it’s only fair that you would want to know what you’re consuming in your body.

Also, the URL of this supplement was listed back in July 2012. The timing is impeccable because this was just right after Dr. Oz aired his episode featuring Green Coffee bean Extract. Is it a coincidence or just taking advantage of the popularity?

Another factor that needs to be discussed here is the supplement being only available through a free trial, which eventually results in the customer getting enrolled in autoship schemes, which, sometimes, can be hard to get out of. That’s why it is important to be vigilant when it comes to making purchases.

The bottom line…

Overall, all Green Coffee Fat Burn has are claims that aren’t scientifically substantiated. When it comes to safety and effectiveness, it is vital that there’s some clinical evidence involved. After all, you will take this product as part of your daily routine. You want to make sure that it’s not only effective but also safe.

The absence of a product label makes it even more problematic. How are the customers going to see the exact content of the supplement they’re taking without it? There’s also the fact that often, free trials and autoship programs only make the customers’ experience inconvenient. Hopefully it’s not the case with Green Coffee Fat Burn. If you feel like there’s something in Green Coffee Fat Burn that’s worth considering, you can still try it at your own risk.