Reviewing the Safety & Efficiency of SlimGenix Pro

SlimGenix Pro Introduction

This weight loss product called SlimGenix Pro is manufactured by a company that is mainly headquartered in the United Kingdom. It is said to mix a potent combination of raspberry ketone, green coffee, superfruits, and antioxidants. These components are claimed to aid in the torching of extra fats stored, controlling of your food cravings, maintaining muscle mass, torching energy, optimizing your health and avoiding serious damage caused by free radicals.

Since SlimGenix Pro touts to aid in the burning of fat and changing your body with only two capsules, its company says it can also help you get a ripped physique and eventually obtain slimmer legs, leaner buttocks, firmer abdomen and increased energy levels.

In actuality, you’ve possibly heard about all these promises, but you still want to know for sure by reading reviews and evaluations. Thus, we’re saying right here and right now that SlimGenix Pro is not the real deal. Read on to know why.

Is there Clinical Evidence that the Components in SlimGenix Pro are Efficient?

Measuring-640x425There’s none. The official page of the supplement doesn’t have a product label, but since we’re aware of the raspberry ketone and green coffee bean’s involvement in SlimGenix Pro’s formula, we can say that these ingredients are not clinically proven. The claims that such components can provide weight loss benefits continue to be claims since there’s no clinical proof involved. Even the claims that these components can provide health gains are not supported by a strong clinical data.

Basing on the components that we know of, the components in SlimGenix Pro won’t deliver any weight loss effects.

SlimGenix Pro Advertising Tactics
Since there aren’t sufficient scientific proofs that SlimGenix Pro can live up to its assertions, the website of the product was just made in a way to trigger an emotional reaction from its visitors. This means that buyers tend to buy impulsively rather than thinking it through.

When you visit the page, your eyes will automatically follow the photograph of a physically appealing model in the upper left-hand section of the site, making you wish you look just like her.

After this, your gaze will be directed to the middle part of the site where you will be informed that the supplement has the potency to get rid of fat for ultimate weight loss. On the top, you will be manipulated to feel the sense of urgency because the supply is limited due to the high demand of the product. In the end, you will learn that you can still get a sample of SlimGenix Pro, so you will sign up to get the not-so-free trial.

Thinking about it, this only shows that the manufacturer knows how prospective customers badly want to lose weight in any means possible and uses this to their advantage. The way the website is made makes one think about how he/she wants to look lean and then creating the sense of missing out by saying the product may not be available anymore, only to know that it still is. Apparently, all these aren’t real, but if you’re not careful and critical, this might get you, too.

What Can You Expect with SlimGenix Pro?

This supplement is only available via third-party affiliates. They make money from the commissions of the sales they refer. To obtain more sales, these affiliates turn to making fake review sites to mislead people into thinking that SlimGenix Pro is the real deal. These review sites are designed to make you come to conclusion that you’re doing extensive research by reading customer reviews when these are actually not real.

Beyond these fake sites, we weren’t able to locate any real customer feedbacks online. Since the manufacturer that creates SlimGenix Pro is mainly headquartered in the United Kingdom, it’s not with Better Business Bureau.

SlimGenix Pro Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

shutterstock_180802940As of January 2015, SlimGenix Pro was only offered in the UK. It is offered through a 14-day trial with a price of $3.95 for the shipping and handling charge. The 14-day period will start on the date the order is made. Based on the information written on Terms and Conditions, the order will be delivered within 5-7 business days.

After the trial finishes, you will be charged for the full amount, which is around $143. Next, you will be registered with the autoship program. This means your supply of SlimGenix Pro will be replenished every 30 days, you’ll also be charged for the said amount every month.

Also, you will be registered in SlimGenix’s Insider Health Secrets Newsletter for an additional charge of about $0.44 monthly.

Reminder: We believe that free trials and autoship enrollments are not to offer the customers convenience, but to get a hold of your credit card information. Generally, it is suggested to steer clear of companies with such purchasing methods.

Moreover, the supplement provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling fees. You also need to give back the bottle to the company, even empty ones.

To start the refund procedure or discontinue your enrollment to the autoship program, call the customer service at 0808-169-2023 to get a Return Merchandise Authorization or RMA. International fees may also be deemed necessary.

Is SlimGenix Pro the Weight Loss Solution You’ve Been Waiting For?

For one, the components in the supplement lack scientific backings that they can generate weight loss effects in any way, or even just general health gains. There’s also the concern that it’s only accessible via a free trial that’s not even free and automatically enrolls you to their autoship program. Plus, SlimGenix Pro is really costly compared to similar products.

Besides, the only proven methods of losing weight are proper nutrition and regular workouts. In conclusion, we don’t think that SlimGenix Pro can provide any significant and permanent weight loss results considering the concerns surrounding this product.