omega 3 supplement capsules

Reviewing the Product Omax3

About the Omax3

Omega-3 fatty acids are an essential nutrient for the body to thrive. Regrettably, we don’t consume enough of it daily due to our poor choices of food. In the United States, most people don’t eat fish often, which is why they don’t get their daily requirement of omega-3. While there are alternative foods that you can eat containing omega-3s, these foods also often have omega-6, driving the benefits of omega-3s away.

That’s why there are omega-3 supplements to make up for your inadequate intake of the nutrient. One of the options in the market is Omax3. It is claimed to be a safe and natural supplement that can provide your body with its much-needed omega-3s to experience the health benefits, such as improved mental functions, heart health, and muscle soreness alleviation.

If you’re interested, you can find Omax3 on the product site. The following shows the prices and other purchasing details:

1 box is at $ 47.95, plus shipping and handling.
3 boxes are at $ 31.97 per box, a total of $ 95.90 instead of $ 144, includes free shipping
6 boxes are at $ 29.99 per box, a total of 179.94 and save $ 107, includes free shipping

About the Company

omega 3 supplement capsules

Omax3 is an omega-3 supplement developed by the company Prevention Consumer Health Pharmaceuticals, mainly headquartered in Lambertville, New Jersey. It was said to be formulated by Yale University physicians with approved kosher gelatin and glycerin. Omax3’s company touts that their supplement is created from excellently purified fish oil with 97 percent pure omega-3 without any mercury, lead, and PCBs.

This is a high percentage compared to other omega-3 supplements, which usually have around 30-60 percent of omega-3s. Prevention Consumer Health Pharmaceuticals is also recognized for developing patented and clinically-tested supplements, which have been tried on people before being officially released into the market. Thus, their safety and efficacy are guaranteed by the manufacturer. It is claimed that all Omax3 products are tried on third-party representatives two times in order to ascertain its quality.

Understand How It Functions

Omax3 is the kind of supplement that is claimed to have undergone comprehensive purification. It goes through double cleansing process that occurs in a vacuum. This procedure engages particular enzymes that are utilized to get rid of unhealthy saturated toxins and fats that are found in fish. The patented formulation delivers a 4:1 ratio of epa:dha, essential in delivering anti-inflammatory results. The outcome is a high omega-3 content 16 times greater than other brands. Omax3 has acid ethyl esters that have functions elaborated below:

omega 3 supplement capsules with avocado in background


Pulled out from purified fish oil originating from sardines and anchovies that are found in the deep part of the ocean
Increases your body’s metabolism
Beneficial for the heart and skin
Improves digestive system and immunity
Helps with your mental capacities such as focus and memory
Helps prevent life-threatening diseases such as stroke and diabetes
Beneficial for the muscles and helps lessen muscle soreness
It contains other beneficial components like Vitamin E

Why Omax3 Is Good For You?

Omax3 can be conveniently ingested as you can swallow it more easily.
It doesn’t have any fish scent so you won’t feel awkward when socializing.
Omax3 has undergone studies and trials and has been found to be completely free of harmful ingredients.
It is claimed to help accelerate the process of healing muscle-related impairments, reduce the stiffness of the joints, and alleviate muscle soreness.
It can reduce cholesterol levels in the body without augmenting HDL.
It is beneficial for your memory, mental focus, and overall mental improvement.
It promotes a general sense of health and wellness.
Omax3 also has anti-inflammatory properties for better health.
Omax3 is beneficial for strengthening your cardiovascular system.

Proper Use

It is recommended for adults to take two softgels each day after eating an abundant meal with lots of water, too. It is important to note that Omax3 is not ideal for kids below 12 years old, unless, of course, it’s recommended by a physician. For women, it’s not generally recommended if you’re expecting or breastfeeding. In the case of pre-existing conditions, it is important to consult your doctor first prior to proceeding with taking Omax3. As of this writing, there aren’t any reported adverse reactions associated with the use of this supplement.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Omax3 has remarkable features compared to similar products. Its content of omega-3 is high, which means more benefits such as its anti-inflammatory effects in the body. These are just a few of the reasons why you can trust Omax3 to give you sufficient levels of omega-3s and other nutrients to improve several aspects of your health. It is purified, its percentage of omega-3 is high, it is reasonably priced, and it delivers numerous health benefits to users. Omax3 is also supported by many great customer reviews testifying to its safety and efficacy. Plus, Omax3 doesn’t have any harmful components that can compromise your health.