Review of Ultra Primal Lean: Is it Safe & Effective?

Ultra Primal Lean Introduction

This 5-in-1 weight loss supplement, Ultra Primal Lean, is manufactured by Force Factor. It is touted to prevent your body from keeping carbs as fat, accelerate metabolism, enable your body to keep less fat, control your desire to eat, and lessen your cravings, especially cravings to eat unhealthy foods. This particular supplement can achieve the following results by utilizing a 2-layer design that transports every last one of the component at the right time, so that its efficiency is optimized.

fit-past-40-superman-muscle-bodybuilding-guide_aBased on the information on the official page, the first layer of the supplement produces white bean extract. This is the one that cuts off carbs before they are kept as fat. The second layer, on the other hand, releases the following:

Fucoxanthin, which may aid in the torching of your existing fat
Irvingia gabonensis, which is touted to enhance the body’s sensitivity to insulin, stabilize fats in the blood, and decrease the generation of fat cells
Garcinia cambogia, which is touted to control your desire to eat, and
Chromium to improve overall mood and avoid cravings.

Due to Ultra Primal Lean’s well-chosen components and timely release traits, its manufacturer says that their product is an excellent discovery and addition in the weight loss industry as Ultra Primal Lean is surely a solution to combat weight problems once and for all. With this supplement, you can achieve a great looking physique without putting yourself through misery because you’re depriving yourself of the foods you love.

This is what Ultra Primal Lean’s company promises to prospective buyers, but is this really possible? Can the components in Ultra Primal Lean actually generate significant weight loss results that you can consider a value for money, or is it just a waste of your time, attention and funds? Below are factors you need to think about:

Are the Components in Ultra Primal Lean Efficient?

Based on the product information posted on the official site, Ultra Primal Lean has these components:

Chromium 200mcg
Irvingia gabonensis (seed) extract 150mg
Fucoxanthin (from brown seaweed) 300mg
Garcinia cambogia fruit extract 500mg
White kidney bean extract 500mg

musleBefore we discuss every component’s clinical proof to facilitate shedding of pounds, it’s vital to mention that not all clinical proof is made equal. The reason behind this is that the references companies use aren’t actually peer reviewed, thus, the results of these studies are not verified by other parties. This is in contrast with researches that are scientifically substantiated and have undergone further testing as well as tested on animals and humans.

In actuality, many companies intentionally conclude about ingredients’ efficiency despite the lack of scientific substantiation. Apparently, this is in order to convince people to trust to their products.

Given this, the clinical proof demonstrating chromium, African mango (irvingia gabonensis), fucoxanthin, or garcinia cambogia to be useful in generating weight loss effects in inadequate as claimed by Ultra Primal Lean’s manufacturer. White kidney bean extract has been demonstrated to help people shed fat in some trials, but it doesn’t directly translate to weight loss nevertheless.

Is it True Italians Have the Lowest Weight Gain and Obesity Rates?

Apart from the web pages associated with Al Sears MD or Force Factor’s Ultra Primal Lean, there were not third party sites that can substantiate this assertion. Also, the websites claiming this didn’t provide any reference for confirmation.

Adverse Reactions of Ultra Primal Lean?

Even though there isn’t any strong clinical verification as to the efficacy of the components, these said ingredients should be safe for use and tolerated by consumers. The only side effect reported is stomach discomfort.
On other hand, it has been reported that the ingredient African has also triggered headaches and sleeping issues.

What Users Have to Say About Ultra Primal Lean?

We found ten user feedbacks during our research discussing Force Factor’s Ultra Primal Lean on Amazon. There, it garnered 2.2 stars as an average rating. This was back in June 2015. There were some users who testified to the supplement’s effectiveness in helping them shed pounds, but there were also others who criticized the product for being inefficient and for causing unpleasant adverse reactions.

Given this, it is important to mention that all the positive feedbacks for the product originated from accounts in which all of the feedbacks were published on the very same day. This could be a sign that these reviews may not be genuine.

Beyond this, we only saw false feedbacks made by affiliates. These are often created to misinform and lure customers to buy the product.

Ultra Primal Lean Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

This particular product created by Force Factor has the following costs:

1 Bottle (60 tablets): $59.95 plus $8.95 S&H
3 Bottles: $161.88 plus $10.95 S&H
6 Bottles: $305.76 plus free S&H

Just like all of Dr. Al Sears’ supplements, Ultra Primal Lean is offered along with a 100 percent, refund policy with no period. That means you can return the item and ask for a refund regardless of the period or duration since you’ve bought the product. But you are required to only return an unused bottle. To ask for your money-back guarantee, call customer support at 866-792-1035.

Final Verdict: Is Ultra Primal Lean the Real Deal?

There is insufficient scientific proof that any of the components contained in Ultra Primal Lean work as a weight loss agent. It should also be considered that the online reviews are not very positive. The company behind the product failed to get an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau because of some crucial concerns. From all these factors, we can presume that its steep cost is not justified since the supplement is not clinically proven to generate significant weight loss results and failed to get a great reception for its safety and efficiency.