A Review of the Product Staminex

Getting to Know Staminex

Staminex is a workout supplement that costs greatly, though bodybuilders who don’t mind spending a lot for such products can still check this out.

The company behind Staminex is Lewis Labs, which has been in the industry since 1973. It has since established itself as a creator of various nutritional supplements distributed and sold worldwide. Also, Staminex consists of nourishing components that its manufacturer touts to be Staminex to be their greatest creation.

preview-full-shutterstock_285597107Moreover, this supplement has more than 40 essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which the body requires for everyday for sustenance of energy and health.

It is developed for adults, both men and women, who are looking for a great multivitamin that is also capable of giving additional nutrients for constructing muscles and boosting energy. With heightened energy and muscle building functions, one can perform more intense and vigorous exercises for faster and better results.

One of the primary ingredients of this supplement is beef liver, which comes from Argentina. This beef liver is imported from this country because their government doesn’t permit beef herds to risk contamination with chemicals or growth hormones.

Beef liver is loaded with vitamin B12 and other nutrients, which are crucial in restoring impaired nerve tissues. This also gives energy and boosts thermogenesis.

What Are the Components Present?

The main components involved in Staminex originate from wheat germ ad beef liver. All the primary vitamins and minerals are present in the formulation alongside other nutrients that deliver unique gains for those who are into bodybuilding.

Below are other components:

preview-full-shutterstock_298454666Linolenic Acid (1000 mg) – delivers sufficient amount of Omega 3 fatty acids. This is not naturally-occurring, thus, you can only obtain this through diet or supplementation.

Linoleic Acid (1200 mg) – this acid functions as an antioxidant, helps with losing weight, building muscles, and serves as an anti-cancer catalyst. It is said to boost the use of calories through thermogenesis as well.

Beef liver – delivers great quantities of vitamin B12 and vitamin A. It also delivers iron and folic acid. In addition, this beef from Argentina is said to also help with muscle growth and torching of fat.

Octocosanol – reduces cholesterol levels, cures symptoms of Parkinson’s, boosts functions in sports, and lessens development of tumor.
Papain – it is said to be capable of decreasing swelling of prostate, as well as serve as a digestive enzyme, which helps the process of digestion. Plus, papain is also utilized for curing wounds.

Inositol – works directly with choline as one of the primary ingredients of cell membranes, aids in the lessening of depression symptoms and making you sleep better, helps in cell growth in the bone marrow, eye membranes, as well as intestines. It even decreases the accumulation of fat in the body, specifically in the liver.

Choline – the ingredient that’s in the beef liver, it works similarly to how the B vitamins work. Choline is vital for cell membranes, as it also shields the liver from the build-up of fat.

What are the Product Features?

Staminex does not have any artificial substances used.
It touts to provide more energy and focus.
It has a full range of vitamins and minerals essential for the body’s sustenance of health.

Money-Back Guarantee & Cost

For a 16 oz of Staminex, the cost is $23.89. You can look for cheaper deals online, but the difference of the price won’t be that significant. The cheapest you can find is around $15.

A container of Staminex consists of 15 servings, where there are 3 tablespoons in every serving. Nearly all customers would think of Staminex as a costly product to maintain every day.

As for its refund policy, there’s no mention of such on the official site. The company behind Staminex has been in the business for more than four decades, and yet, it seems that they don’t place satisfaction guarantees to their supplements.

What’s the Final Verdict?

Staminex is a workout supplement that costs greatly, though bodybuilders who don’t mind spending a lot for such products can still check this out.