A Product Review of Skinny Fiber

Skinny Fiber Overview

This weight loss supplement is a glucomannan-based nutritional product that is said to have a cutting-edge formulation that guarantees its efficacy. It asserts to promote weight loss by making you feel satiated for a long period of time. To top it off, Skinny Fiber says it can help you stop your bingeing habits without necessarily requiring you to change your diet routine.

Is Skinny Fiber the ultimate solution you’ve been searching for? Can it deliver the promises given? Let’s find out.

Getting to Know Skinny Fiber

ayurvedic-weight-loss (1)This particular weight loss product supports your weight loss management plan by making you feel satiated and facilitating healthy digestion without stopping you from eating whatever you want. Skinny Fiber says it can help prevent several symptoms associated with obesity, such as coronary heart illness, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke. Given this, Skinny Fiber says it can help you get rid of fat from your body quicker and in the harmless way when measured to its competitors. This product is said to even help in the elimination of those detrimental toxins, so that your body maintain its overall wellness. The manufacturer of the supplement went on to say that Skinny Fiber has been presented with the Best Weight Loss Product of the Year award.

The active component in Skinny Fiber is Glucomannan, just like other products Lipozene and Trim Factor. This ingredient is a soluble fiber that becomes bigger up to 50x to its original size once in your gut. With this, you feel more satiated and you tend to eat less. It also promotes healthy colon and makes the whole of your digestive system normal. Other components in Skinny Fiber are:

Caralluma Fimbriata: this is a cactus-based plant that may aid in the repression of your desire for food, as well as to obstruct the creation of fat. This eventually allows the body to torch whatever fat is stored.

Cha de Bugre: this ingredient is said to promote healthy metabolism by rousing the body’s fat torching mechanism and decreasing your appetite.

Moreover, Skinny Fiber involves a patended enzyme blend that is said to promote healthy metabolism, facilitate detoxifying, and promote overall wellness.

This product is promoted as an all-natural supplement that doesn’t contain any stimulants. It is suitable for both men and women regardless of age, backgrounds, body types without causing any adverse reactions. Based on the official site of Skinny Fiber, the recommended dosage is 2 Skinny Fiber capsules with a glass of water two times each day. The site also says that you can consume up to four capsules for every dose. This, of course, depends on your requirements.

Product Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

When you buy Skinny Fiber from the company, it is offered in 3 various buying selections:

core-abdominal-and-lower-back-exercises-281 Bottle Starter Pack: $59.95
3 Bottle Bonus Pack: $119.85
6 Bottle Premier Pack: $179.70

You can also purchase Skinny Fiber through online retailers, like Amazon.

You can also opt for the vegetable capsules instead of the gelatin ones. You just need to pay $2 for every bottle.

Skinny Fiber is different from other weight loss companies because you won’t be automatically registered to their autoship plan unless you personally choose to do so.

The supplement is offered with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H fees. But you’re only qualified for a refund for a single bottle, thus, if you made more than one order, you will only get a refund for one item. To start this, call the customer service at (817) 479-9198.

Customer Reviews/Feedbacks

To say the least, there’s uncertainty as to the product’s company. The official page of the supplement says that it’s created by Skinny Body Care, but the copyright data at the bottom of the site mentions SkinnyFiberDirect.com. Also, the Better Business Bureau shows many results for Skinny Body Care – one is based in Flower Mound, Texas while the other is based in Salt Lake City in Utah. There’s also a third company that has headquarter in South Salt Lake City, also in Utah. On the other hand, these three look like they’re related as they all have F ratings and have received similar criticisms. Most mention inefficient customer service and the challenge of getting refunds.

It is important to note that just like Herbalife, Skinny Body Care also provides the opportunity to let you earn extra money through commissions from every sale if you become a distributor. This was confirmed when we tried to see the Skinny Fiber site and we were led to a page that looks like it is managed by an affiliate.

Beyond the Better Business Bureau, user feedbacks for the supplement seem to be mainly bad. Many customers report grievances such as its steep cost, ineffectiveness and the side effect of gassiness and bloating.

Final Recommendation

Reading all the information and crucial details about Skinny Fiber, should you trust this supplement to make a difference not just in your body, but in your overall life? It’s not likely. Here’s why:

First point is that while the active ingredient Glucomannan has been clinically demonstrated to help dieters in shedding pounds, you will be required to consume at least 1-3 grams of it each day to see significant effects. But Skinny Fiber’s official page doesn’t have data on the quantity of the components’ doses, so the precise amount of glucomannan in this supplement is unknown. Hence, the weight loss effects provided with the use of glucomannan are usually not that notable, but this can enhanced by practicing a balanced diet and regular workouts.

As for its other components, Cha de Bugre hasn’t been linked to weight loss in any accessible clinical studies. But in some tests performed on mice, it has been demonstrated to be clastogenic with prolonged use. There’s also no scientific evidence that any of its enzymes can generate any weight loss results.

Also, this weight loss supplement is not reasonably priced. It is considered expensive compared to other Glucomannan products.

Lastly, it is ambiguous what kind of outcome you can anticipate from using this product. Surely, the results depend on each individual, but the product site also highlighted that results vary and that you may not experience the same positive effects as others do. It was also clarified that the images on the site are only stock photos and not actual photos of people. While it’s good they’re honest, it also shows how unsure they are of what their product can actually do.