A Product Review of Almased Shake: How Harmless and Efficient is it?

Almased Shake Overview

Protein powder comes in the forms of weight loss shakes, protein shakes or meal replacement products. Such products contain low calorie formulations that are taken by being mixed with water. You then drink it in place of full meals like breakfast or lunch, sometimes both. Protein shakes are considered to be promising when it comes to addressing the problems of being overweight and obesity. As time goes by, people’s interest in meal replacement shakes rises, so the supply of such products also increases as the demand goes up.

Furthermore, Almased Shake is one of the meal replacement formulations available in the market. Actually, this product has been in the industry for many years. The company behind this asserts that Almased Shake contains genuine, natural components combined to increase metabolism and allow the body to torch excess fat. This meal replacement shake is actually offered as part of a diet plan. It is considered that just as long as you follow this program, an excellent outcome is surely to come.

About the Company

preview-full-01-intro-smoothies-COMP-605417Almased Shake comes from the company Almased. It was founded in 1985 by Hubertus Trouillé, a scientist known for his holism. He created a formula that could aid in the increase of metabolism of his patients in Germany. Over 25 years after that, his son André continued what his father started. He’s now overseeing the company that runs on the foundation of what the original founder created. In the present, Almased Shake is considered as one of the best-selling weight loss shakes in Germany.

In the late ‘90s, Almased came to a decision to branch out internationally, beginning in the United States. Currently, the company keeps on attracting consumers despite the stiff competition in the market. That is why the company is highly-regarded in the weight loss business. Better Business Bureau also gave the brand rated A.

What are the Components in Almased Shake?

The company claims that their product only uses natural components of pure quality. On the other hand, they failed to provide nutrition content on their product website, though there’s nutrition fact that’s printed on the back of the container.

Based on this label, there’s 25 grams of protein in Almased Shake, as well as 12 grams of sugar, 0.5 grams of fiber and 1 gram of fat. No additional information was supplemented. Apart from these contents, Almased Shake also has vitamins that include vitamins A, C, E and B, as well as minerals like iron and calcium.

Proper Use of Almased Shake

Almased suggests using this protein shake alongside a diet plan. This diet plan can be seen on the official site of the product. As for instructions in its proper serving, just take 8 spoons of Almased Shake and combine with water or milk if you like. As long as you’re of good health, you can use this product. In the case of allergy to soy protein, Almased Shake is not recommended.

Almased Shake Product Features

According to its manufacturer, it’s created with natural components of pure and premier quality.

It allows you to repress your food cravings so you can avoid overeating.

It helps increase metabolism.

The company behind it has been in the industry for more than two decades.

Its manufacturer is also a highly-regarded company.

Buying Almased Shake

This meal replacement shake can be bought in supplement stores. You can check the product site to see if there’s a store near your area of residence. Just go to the site and put in your zip code. You can also opt to purchase it online through Amazon.

Almased Shake Refund Policy

On the website, there’s no information stating of its refund policies. Nonetheless, Almased Shake has an A rating on Better Business Bureau, so it means it has good relations with its customers overall. If there are issues with the products purchased, you can reach out for the customer service to fix your concerns.

Customer Feedbacks/Testimonials

preview-full-Weight-Loss-Smoothies-600x400On Amazon alone, Almased Shake has garnered more than a thousand feedbacks. Nearly all are good ones. Over 700 reviewers gave the product a 5-star rating. Users who are pleased with its performance and outcome have said that the product works more efficiently when used alongside the diet plan elaborated on the product site. As for the negative reviews, the primary concern was its poor taste. Overall, the positive comments overshadow the negative ones.

Is Almased Shake Harmless?

The company claims that all ingredients are natural. However, there might be some negative reaction if you’re allergic to soy protein. Other than that, most customers don’t feel any adverse effects from using Almased Shake.

Bottom Line: Is Almased Shake the Real Deal?

Almased Shake is a good meal replacement shake that’s developed by a company that knows what it is doing. 25 years of experience in the weight loss industry has surely taught them that. On the other hand, this product is not cheap. So, if you’re willing to go farther for the sake of effectiveness, you might want to spend a bit more. It is also important to note that Almased Shake produces more remarkable results when partnered with the diet plan available on the product’s official site.