man holding bowl of salad, healthy food

Nutrition Tips

        Men tend to not talk about nutrition, or what they should be doing to keep a healthy lifestyle. We need to pay attention to our health no matter if we are a man or a woman. As we have progressed as a society, it has become easier and easier to eat badly on a regular basis. Getting a veggie pizza is not a sufficient source of daily vegetables, by the way. You will have to change your mindset about food if you want to make a nutritional difference in your life. It won’t happen overnight, but if you are aware of nutritional facts, it will be easier to change your diet.

Many Men Are Overweight

        And they don’t even know it. Men tend to not have to worry about their weight as often as females do, although they can be just as pressured by society. Men are also less likely to care about their weight as they get older, well, start caring guys! Being overweight causes many health problems that could be easily prevented. Extra pounds cause extra problems!

Add More Protein to Your Diet

        By this, I mean add more than just red meat protein to your diet. Start eating more white meats and fish, and you are bound to see differences in your body. I’m not saying that red meat is the devil by any means, everyone loves a good steak, but not every night. Also look into eating leaner meats. Lean meat can help to boost your metabolism and help you to control your weight better. There are also other options for protein than just meat products. Try adding high protein vegetables like beans and nuts.

Eat Good Fats

healthy protein and fat source, salmon, egg        This sounds slightly impossible, but we need about 30 to 35 percent of our daily intake to include fats. If you are concerned about losing weight, cutting this intake down by about 10 percent is not a bad thing. Bad fats are trans fats and saturated fats. While you are looking into food items, you need to see how high these fats are. For example, cookies have much more trans fat than a granola bar. Fried food also contains bad fats, cut fried foods out of your normal eating habits and see some serious results. Some good fats are omega-3s, unsaturated fats, and monounsaturated fats. These all have great benefits for your heart and cholesterol.

Choose Good Carbs

        Your carb intake should be about 45 to 65 percentage of your daily intake. You should be very conscience of the carbs that you are taking in. You need to avoid things like chips, popcorn, pretzels, and other snack foods. You should be eating healthy whole grains, you should also skip the sugary and salty foods. Some of the best sources for good carbs are fruits, vegetables, brown rice, and whole grain options.

Cut Down on the Sodium

        Sodium can increase blood pressure. This is a common problem found with many men, and it is extremely preventable. Sodium is found in processed foods. Fast food is especially bad. If you are feeling the need for nuggets, maybe think about making them at home for yourself instead of eating almost all your daily sodium needs from this one meal. Some healthy ways to cut down on sodium include, skipping the salt. Try substituting salt for some different flavors like herbs, citrus, garlic, and other spices. Try to avoid high sodium condiments like ketchup too.

        High sodium foods include everything pizzas, white bread, hot dogs, flour tortillas, processed cheese, ham and much more. These all should be avoided and eaten very rarely. Even if you are still eating them, remember to only take small portions. Even if you can not break the habit of eating your favorite pizza, try eating only every once in a while, like a treat. It will be very beneficial to your health and your nutritional intake.

        Extra sodium foods include things like processed foods so start choosing unprocessed foods like fresh meat, fruit, and vegetables, over canned items. You should always fill about half of your plate with fruits and vegetables when you are eating. Once you are aware of what your portions should be, you will find yourself automatically choosing the correct portion amounts for yourself each and every meal.

Stop Eating Fast Food

fat man holding fast food burger        Okay, every once in awhile we all break down and get our favorite fast food. When you do that try to limit it to only once a month, to start out. After that keep cutting down on your intake until you almost never eat fast food, or you never eat it at all. Many of your favorite fast foods have recipes that you can replicate at home too. These recipes are generally much healthier than the options offered at fast food places. Also try to skip pop when it comes to ordering food.

Drinking, But Healthy Drinking

        Make sure that if you are going to drink, you are creating healthy drinking habits. There are many studies that suggest that a daily intake of a small amount of alcohol is good for your health. These studies have also shown that alcohol can help to reduce your risk of certain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. Be sure that you are creating healthy drinking habits since sometimes the risks of alcohol outweigh the potential benefits. A few suggestions for healthy drinking habits include 15 drinks a week, with two to three drinks, maximum, a day. It is also suggested to not drink every day, as this can create a dependency on alcohol, and we do not want to encourage that.

Males Have Eating Disorders Too

        When it comes to nutrition for men, it is very common that they are not getting the right daily nutritional values as a result of eating disorders. Men are often reluctant to report that they have an eating disorder, as this is a “woman’s disease.” Do not be scared to get help if you believe that you may have an eating disorder. Men are often put under just as much pressure to have a perfect body as women. Never feel ashamed to get help. We all need it sometimes.