Is No2 Black Effectual?

About the Product

No2 Black is a muscle-building product which has nitric oxide as its main ingredient. It is currently prominent as a pre-workout supplement and continues to gain attention from athletes and bodybuilders alike. No2 Black is claimed to be the first ever supplement to get the patent of an extended release nitric oxide generator, mainly developed to provide the max limit of NO over the course of the day. Its formulation has also been improved with the utilization of a patent pending innovation launched by the company behind this supplement. This technological advancement boosts nitric oxide synthase. It is the rate limiting aspect in the body’s capacity to generate nitric oxide.

Naturally, when the NO levels in the body are increased, the more probable it is to obtain huge lean muscle mass. No2 Black is also ideal because it helps with the recuperation of the muscles and one’s vascularity. This supplement has also been specifically improved with the use of alpha lipoic acid, which is vital in the sustenance of muscle gains. No2 Black’s cost relies on the pricing of the store you’re buying it from. Its price range can go from $46.99 to $89.99.

About the Company

No2 Black is produced by MRI. This company states that their product is able to boost your NO levels by as much as 950 percent, allowing you to work prolifically over the course of the day. Basically, nitric oxide is a molecular compound in the body that relays messages between cells. By consuming certain components that can stimulation further production of this molecule, it becomes possible to experience a significant increase in blood flow through the widening of the blood vessels.

Understanding Its Functions

This particular supplement makes use of Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (3000mg) per serving. Thanks to the involvement of the extended release feature, this amino acid gets to the bloodstream and gets transformed into nitric oxide. No2 Black also makes use of Whey Peptide Fraction to sustain the process of conversion, as well as in the maintenance of the NO levels in the body. As a result, you’ll experience greater strength and physical functions.

Ingredient Profile

Below are the components involved in No2 Black’s formula:

Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate: this ingredient is basically an amino acid, which has the capacity to be transported into the bloodstream in order to be transformed into nitric oxide.

Whey Peptide Fraction: this component supports the transformation of the amino acid into nitric oxide.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid: this functions by facilitating insulin sensitivity, which leads to the normalization of your blood sugar levels, which makes it simpler to torch excess fat.

Product Features

No2 Black can increase one’s nitric oxide levels
It can provide recuperation of the muscles
It can improve muscle pumps

Nevertheless, No2 Black is in an exclusive blend and there’s not much information on this.

Recommended Dose

The suggested dose for men is up to 200 pounds, which means is 8 caplets per day. This means you need to take 4 caplets half hour prior breakfast and another 4 caplets half an hour prior lunch.

As for women, the suggested dose is over 200 pounds, which means they need to take 10 caplets per day – 5 caplets half an hour prior breakfast and another 5 also half an hour prior lunch. For optimal benefits, make sure you’re properly hydrated with a minimum of 64 ounces of water per day while consuming No2 Black.

Safety Reminders

This supplement isn’t ideal for women who are expecting or breastfeeding. It’s also not for those below 18.

Adverse Reactions

As of this writing, there are no relayed adverse reactions from users. Should you encounter some side effects, it is advised that you stop using it and consult with your doctor. In the case that you have allergic reactions to corn, arginine, or citrus fruits, No2 Black isn’t for you. Consult your doctor first if you have pre-existing health issues.

User Feedbacks

There are positive feedbacks saying that No2 Black is effective in improving the body’s energy levels. However, some customers find ingesting No2 Black troublesome because of the size of the pills, which are bigger than usual.

Bottom Line

Based on the information above, it would seem that No2 Black is a decent pre-workout supplement that can help you gain an edge to fuel your training sessions. Because it has only a couple of components, it may be better to stack it with other products in order to experience notable effects.