It’s All in the Mind – 5 Tricks to Improve Sex Through Mental Attitude

While sex is an extremely enjoyable pastime, sometimes we can find ourselves getting into a routine and wishing we could break out of the rut to find the passion again. Often this is because our minds are so full of other information, that we are distracted from the task in hand. While good sex may seem to be something that relies on technique, your mental state can be as important as anything else, and using your brain to rekindle your sex life is important. Here’s a few ways you can tap into that cognitive drive to try and turn your boring sex life into a raucous raunchy ride.

 Anchor in the physical

preview-full-shutterstock_579729145 (8)Often we find that our minds are filled with the stressors of the day and while we are enjoying our sexual encounters, we are burdened with the overwhelming thoughts of everything else that is happening. Due to this, we often get distracted during sex and find ourselves not really feeling the sensations as much as doing the actions. When having sex, try to concentrate on one area of your body and hone in on that sensation. By trying to anchor to the very sensation, it helps to take you out of the cloudiness of your mind, stopping you getting lost in thoughts.

 Be purposeful

When we have been having sex with the same person for a while, we tend to fall into a routine. This routine is usually a compilation album of all the greatest hits that you two love; the positions and actions that really get you going. However, the body has a brilliant and annoying feature which is adaptability. It likes to be challenged and will get used to things that challenge it and pleasure it. Just as you can’t keep doing the same workout routine every day, you can’t keep doing the same sexual routine as it won’t provide anything new. Try adding something new and consciously thinking about how the sensations change for your body.

 Watch her carefully

As mentioned, distraction and routine are the killers of sex. However, if you try to introduce a sense of purpose while changing up that very routine, you will find that the experience also changes for her. Try to watch and listen closely to your partner so you can see which new things she enjoys and how it affects her body. This will help you to keep focused on the act, with a sense of purpose, while her new-found sexual pleasure will really help to boost your experience.


preview-full-shutterstock_566707693While preparing for better sex can be noted to be a more physical act, the very thought of the preparation will leave you feeling more engaged and ready to go. Try by taking supplements such as ‘Sexual Overdrive’ which will help to prepare you for a more enhanced experience. Or introduce ginger and ginseng into your diet.The preparation will keep you feeling calm, while the extra sensations will boost your confidence and your libido.

 Set the mood

If you are always ‘morning sex’ couples, why not switch it up with a more romantic nighttime session. Dim the lights, light up some candles, and put on your sexiest grooves. The change in light and sound will relax the body and will calm the mind. This will help to get you unwound and less self-conscious.

 While sex is a physical act of intimacy, preparing your mental state can relax the body and increase the sexual sensations. A cloudy mind will distract you from your present bodily state, and decline the experience without you even realizing.