MetaBiotic Review

All About MetaBiotic

MetaBiotic is described as a 2in1 probiotic supplement made notable by consisting Bio-Active 12 bacteria strain. The said bacteria strain paves the way for well-equipped digestive and immune functions. As a matter of fact, this supplement was endorsed on television by former NFL player Michael Strahan who also currently co-hosts the morning talk show LIVE with Kelly and Michael. It is also important to note that MetaBiotic came from the same manufacturer responsible for the creation of Metamucil.

On the MetaBiotic site, it was stated that taking this supplement on a daily basis results to the body obtaining good bacteria, specifically 6mg of Bifidobacterium animalis. With this, the body’s assured to function properly.

Refunds and Price

MetaBiotic’s pricing is fair. It ranges from $10 to $24 with the price resting on the number of capsules per package. It is available in 14, 30, 45, and 70 capsules. Fortunately, MetaBiotic purchase is easy as it can be bought through third party official resellers. This includes Target and Walmart (note that Walmart only sells by 15’s at $9.96). Online purchase is also possible courtesy of and

Thus, rules and regulations regarding refunds will rely on the seller.

How Effective is MetaBiotic?

Generally, you can only set what to expect by answering the following:

How Effective are Probiotics?

Enhanced digestion

It is not an unknown fact that probiotics are effective in terms of greater digestive capacities. This fact became a fact because of the extensive studies and trials performed on probiotics, which confirmed its positive impact to our health. Its primary benefits are enhanced digestion and immune system prowess. It even covers other health concerns like inflammation and allergic reactions.

It is also essential to remember that not because it worked so greatly on one user does it mean that it would also work well for you.

Bio-Active 12

Bio-Active 12 is MetaBiotic’s banner component. Bio-Active 12 is actually a trademarked genetic variant of Bifidobacterium animalis, which in turn is a well-known bacteria strain that is also present in other probiotics. Bifidobacterium is owned by a Denmark-based company. Its ubiquity in the probiotics world is brought by its effectiveness in the avoidance of stomach ailments like diarrhea and its potency to cure IBS. It is also even helpful in the alleviation of eczema and lung issues.

Consumer Feedback

Healthy immune system

Based on the customer reviews found on Amazon, it would seem MetaBiotic is Procter & Gamble’s newly released product. In the reviews, it was learned from users how the product triggered adverse reactions that soon left when they opted to stop taking MetaBiotic.

But based on the consensus of the many, it would appear that most customers are actually satisfied with the outcome of not only MetaBiotic but probiotics as a whole. Though there are complaints. Most concerns that were highlighted was the product’s failure to produce results, while others say the supplement caused them to have gas and to bloat. These customers, however, mentioned that these not-so-pleasant effects don’t last for long and is the body’s way of adjusting to the product.

How Right is MetaBiotic for you?

There is no doubt that the presence of good bacteria in the stomach is good for your health in its general sense. It wouldn’t be clinically proven if it wasn’t. There’s also a chance that MetaBiotic produces the very same excellent results. Still, it’s not that simple to offer a conclusion on a product that hasn’t been in the market for long.

But since every individual possesses a unique biology that’s different from others, you might find yourself having more tolerance to some strains of probiotics. Thus, there’s the likelihood that MetaBiotic would be great for you. If not, national resellers will make it a point that you get your refund in the most convenient way possible.