Is Troxyphen Effective?

About Troxyphen

Troxyphen is a male enhancement supplement that claims to improve a man’s sexual functions for better experience in the bedroom. Of course, if you’ve come across many supplements like it, you’d notice that all these products claim the same thing, but it doesn’t mean that all of them are effectual. So, who’s to know? Even customer reception about a certain product can also be varied. Some say positive things about a particular supplement, while others say the most negative reviews. So, how do we know which one to believe? How can we be really sure that a supplement is reliable and trustworthy? Even though there are varied customer feedbacks for every product, there are still a few principles that can be used, which can help customers identify the authenticity and efficacy of a product.

More on Troxyphen

This supplement promises to improve sexual capacities by increasing a man’s testosterone levels. It does so by mixing natural testosterone enhancers. In addition, Troxyphen also promises to help with weight loss by adding fat torching properties and energy boosters in its formula. According to the company behind it, Troxyphen can provide the following benefits:

Increased energy levels
Heightened lean muscle mass
Fat burning capacity
Greater sex drive

Product Mechanism

According to the information available, Troxyphen utilizes a 3-way method to achieve fat loss. It even claims that boosting testosterone levels alone can already help with weight loss as increase of this hormone can lead to greater energy and endurance, as well as augmentation in lean muscle mass, enhanced self-esteem, and improved frame of mind. Moreover, Troxyphen heightens its potency by including ingredients for increasing energy and burning of fat.

Ingredient Profile

There are two blends in Troxyphen’s formula:

First is the Testosterone Boosting Blend, which has the following:

Testofen – originates from fennel seeds, which has been demonstrated to increase testosterone levels.
L-Arginine – this amino acid boosts blood flow to the muscles, so that more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the muscles. This also helps with recuperation post-training.
Tribulus Terrestris – augments testosterone by rousing a boost in the secretion of luteinizing hormone from the pituitary gland. This leads to the manufacturing of more testosterone.
Potency Wood – a testosterone booster that helps raise one’s sex drive.
Saw Palmetto – known to be beneficial for prostate health.
Muira Puama – heightens sex drive

Then there’s the Thermogenic Shred Blend, which has the following ingredients:

Green Coffee Extract – it eliminates fatty acids from fat cells in order to aid in the torching of fat.
Caffeine – it provides energy and boosts the body’s mechanism to torch fat.
Yohimbine – boosts blood flow for weight loss and improved sexual capacities.
Synephrine (Bitter Orange) – boosts metabolism and the process of thermogenesis.

Customer Feedbacks

There are reviews from customers discussing Troxyphen’s effectiveness online. Many of these feedbacks seem to be positive, which testify to the supplement’s efficacy. This also hints that the company’s claims about their product appear to be truthful. So, it’s a good sign that there are positive reviews from users.

Product Features

There are positive customer feedbacks. Most of these cite Troxyphen’s efficacy in helping users lose weight.
The recommended dosage is expedient. You only need to take 1 capsule in the morning and another one in the afternoon.
Apart from boosting your sex drive, it also helps with weight loss.
The company behind Troxyphen provides a satisfaction guarantee.

On the other hand, Troxyphen contains Yohimbine , which may be potent but it has safety concerns that have already been brought up by the Food and Drug administration. It is said that this ingredient is associated with some serious adverse effects, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart problems. Also, Troxyphen seems to be more costly when compared with similar supplements.

Where to Purchase?

Troxyphen can be bought from GNC and online stores. A bottle containing 60 capsules, which can last for one month, costs $60. As mentioned, there’s also a satisfaction guarantee provided if you order it from the company site.

In Summary

Since there are positive reviews you can find online about Troxyphen, it’s a sign that the supplement is worth considering. Nonetheless, these reviews mostly discuss about Troxyphen’s effectiveness in terms of increasing their energy levels, and not boosting testosterone levels, which should be the focus since Troxyphen is a male enhancement supplement. Nevertheless, it’s still worth looking into. Just bear in mind that it has yohimbe, which is believed to be potent, but may also cause some adverse reactions. In this case, prospective consumers must practice caution.