Foods You Should Never Feed Your Kids

Every parent knows that deciding what to feed, and what not to feed their kids can be a huge hassle. Many mothers and fathers wonder if certain products are even good to give their kids, especially considering there are more unhealthy foods on the market today than healthy foods. What’s worse is that when many parents are in a rush, they tend to give their children the easiest, fastest food, which, 9 times out of 10, is filled with all sorts of bad stuff.

Okay, so I’m being really mean as to what parents feed their children. It’s not just the parents fault, it’s also the kids fault. Why is that? Well, because kids tend to like the sugary and fat-filled foods like candy, chicken tenders, and macaroni and cheese versus the healthy foods given to them. A nutritious meal is not what they want to put into their mouths, at all.

So, take a look at what I have to say below about unhealthy foods. The foods and/or drinks I’m about to tell you about should be limited in your child’s diet. And trust me, a lot of them will shock you.

Let’s go!

Apple Juice

Kids love, LOVE, apple juice. Heck, they love a lot of fruit juices, but apple juice happens to always be their go-to.

Well, it shouldn’t be. You see, apple juice is loaded with sugar, so much so that the entire juice box is pretty much sugar. That goes for the apple juices that are labeled 100% apple juice, too. Basically, you’re feeding your child a box of sugar. And what happens when you give them that much sugar? They become super hyper and then they crash.

In addition, drinking apple juice is nothing like eating an actual apple. Eating an actual apple will give the body fiber; Drinking actual apple juice will give the body no fiber. Plus, there’s a ton of nutrients in the peel of the apple, too.

So, try to avoid this juice if you can.


Some leading health care professionals tell parents not to give honey to their child until they are 2-years-old or older. This is due to the fact that honey actually contains toxic bacteria that can in turn cause a potentially fatal disease known as botulism. The reason these health care professionals warn parents of this disease in children at such a young age is because those that are 2-years-old and older have a fighting chance against this disease. In other words, people 2-years-old and up have a stronger immune system that can ward this disease off rather quickly; Those that are younger don’t have as strong of an immune system to fight it.

This disease can be found in all types of honey, so please listen to the professionals and heed their advice.


Really, I shouldn’t have to justify myself with this one. I mean, do you know how many health issues are related to constantly drinking soda (and consuming an astronomical amount of sugary products)? For example, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and aggressive behavior are all related to drinking soda.

In addition, this drink gives kids a ton of empty calories, but it doesn’t give them any nutritional value. Lay off this one, guys.

Boxed Macaroni and Cheese

I understand, I was a kid once, and so were you. Eating boxed macaroni and cheese was, like, the best thing ever. However, it’s also extremely processed and nutritionally devoid. There’s literally so much sodium and so many preservatives packed in such little boxes; It’s really not even worth it.

Unfortunately, once kids are addicted to foods such as this, they start to develop palates that always crave such foods. Stop them early on if you can.

Fruit Snacks

Anything in the form of a fruit snack, like gummy bears, fruit roll-ups, and jellies are all entirely comprised of sugar. Instead of viewing them as a snack to go with their lunch or dinner, view them as candy. And, keep in mind that when the package says, “made with real fruit,” it still means the snacks have a ton of sugar in them.

Instead of feeding the kids fruit snacks, lean towards dried real fruit. It’s delicious and nutritious.

Canned Tuna

Fresh fish has an amazing amount of nutritional value in it. And, if your kids like it, well that’s better for you.

There is one thing you should keep in mind when feeding your kids fish, though. Remember what you learned when you were growing up about fish and the mercury content within fish? Well, fish that’s high in mercury content, like swordfish and canned tuna, should be in our diets sparingly. The same goes for our children. Feed these specific fish to them only occasionally. Why? Well, because fish high in mercury can actually affect young kids’ nervous systems.

Sports Drinks

I get it. Your child may play a sport, or several sports, and your immediate reaction is to load them up on Gatorade. The only reason anyone should be drinking Gatorade is if they’ve just completed a severe workout and they need instant calories and electrolytes in their system; Chances are, kids don’t have this issue.

Instead, lean heavily on water. It always does the job the right way. Also, if he/she is really sweating their butt off out on the field, give them some orange slices or other fruits to nibble on; These foods will replenish the vitamins and minerals he/she has lost throughout the day.

Dipping Sauces

These sauces are highly addictive, especially to kids. So, if you haven’t introduced them to sauces such as BBQ, ranch, and ketchup, don’t do it just yet. Allow them to enjoy hamburgers and chicken fingers for what they are and add the dipping sauces later in life when they already enjoy the foods.

However, if you have already introduced them to dipping sauces, start measuring out a one or two ounce serving for them to use, instead of giving them the entire bottle.


By Jenny Lyn