Evidence Based Ways for You to Lose Weight

Losing weight can be tough for many men. It may be frustrating for you to see that other men can seem to go about their day and lose weight when that doesn’t happen for you. Today things will change for you. There are evidence based ways for you to lose weight. Before now, you may have read crazy ideas of how you should lose weight. Now you are finding the “real-evidence backed” tips for losing weight.

Drinking Your Water Before You Eat

You have probably read or heard somewhere that you should drink water to help with your weight loss plan. That is correct. Did you know that you when you drink water you are able to raise your levels of metabolism by approximately 30% for 1 ½ hours? This helps you burn off calories. There have been studies showing that if someone drinks about 17 ounces of water around ½ an hour before they eat it helps them lose about 45% more weight than they would if they hadn’t drunk that water.

Eating Eggs with Your Breakfast

The specifics and details about how much eggs can benefit you are excellent. The list would go on and on when describing all these benefits. Today you should know that eggs are going to help you lose weight. Studies have shown that if you stop eating whole-grains for breakfast and eat eggs instead, you won’t crave as many calorie-filled foods for up to the next three days. This, of course, will help you lose body fat and weight.

Drinking Black Coffee

preview-full-coffee_625x350_81458978341There are many times that you might read that coffee is extremely bad for you. Well, the information you need to know is that high-quality coffee is filled full of anti-oxidants and can help you lose weight. Some studies have shown that drinking one cup of black coffee can raise your metabolism by around 8% which will help you burn fat about 20% faster. As long as you drink the black coffee plain and don’t add creamer or sugar to it, the benefits are there.

Drinking Green Tea

preview-full-green-tea-in-a-cupIn addition to the coffee, you should drink green tea as well. There is a bit of caffeine in green tea along with many potent anti-oxidants. These have been shown to help with the fat burning process. Evidence shows that green tea can help someone lose weight.

Using Coconut Oil

Unfortunately, most people use vegetable oil to cook with. Instead of doing that, you should be using coconut oil. It is much healthier and has healthy fats that will metabolize in your body differently. By using coconut oil to cook with, you can raise your metabolism and lose around another 100 calories each day you use it. Additionally, coconut oil has been shown to reduce appetites which also helps you to lose weight.

Taking a Weight Loss Supplement

For some men, they could try about every weight loss tip online and they still wouldn’t be able to reach their weight loss goals. If that sounds like what has happened for you, know that there are safe weight loss supplements you can take. LipoGenix Elite is one of the highest rated weight loss supplements and can help you to reach your weight loss goal.

Eating Healthier

Many men who want to lose weight believe they must go on a diet. You don’t need a diet to help you lose weight. If you choose to eat healthier, that is what you need to be doing. You can’t be on a diet forever but you can eat healthier forever. Choose healthier foods, exercise more portion control and watch how you eat as well. Make sure you are eating smaller bites and chewing your food fully. Eat from a smaller plate and stick to one serving so you aren’t eating as much. There are many healthy meal recipes you can make daily.

These are some of the evidence based ways for you to lose weight. Even if you have struggled in the past to lose weight, you shouldn’t give up. If you do your best to stick to these tips for losing weight for at least a few weeks, you are going to notice drastic differences. Keep with it and implement these evidence based weight loss tips starting today!