Are Egg Whites Healthy? Should You Be Eating Egg Whites?

Egg whites have been a go to protein source for bodybuilders for some time now, but are starting to become more and more mainstream.  Eggs in general are considered to be relatively healthy, with the only downside coming from their high cholesterol content.

Egg whites are a good alternative to eggs if you are looking for a good source of protein, because they are high in protein with little else, making them really calorie friendly also.

We know that eating more egg whites is a great way to supplement your protein intake, but does it provide us any other health benefits?

Reduces Risk of Arteriosclerosis

One of the major problems with whole eggs is their high cholesterol content, and the risks that comes along with it. One major problem associated with high cholesterol levels is arteriosclerosis, or the narrowing and stiffening of the arteries.

Our arteries are essentially the roadways throughout our body which we use to supply our organs and tissues with blood and the necessary ingredients found within it like oxygen, glucose, potassium, calcium etc.

When these roadways get clogged it prevents the flow of this blood, which makes the heart work harder to push the blood through these arteries. This extra work that the heart has to do can lead to strokes, heart attacks and possibly death because of restricted blood passageways.

Helps to Keep You Fuller Longer

One of the major issues when it comes to our diet is staying full. This is especially the case in the west, where the diet is very rich in calories but devoid of other nutrients. Many people think the answer to satiating themselves is to eat more calories, when the problem may be a lack of protein.

Eggs are a breakfast staple, so don’t skip out on eating your eggs in the morning, just replace them with egg whites. Eating more protein in the morning will help curb your appetite throughout the day, causing you to eat less and to better regulate your weight.

Will Maintain Muscle and Help to Grow More

Egg whites contain a complete amino acid profile, meaning that it has all the amino acids we need to make all of the proteins our body uses for various functions. Building these proteins are essential to our health, so getting the proper amount of all of these essential amino acids from our diet it important.

Most foods, especially plant sources of protein do not have a full amino acid profile which makes egg whites a great protein source, especially at the low calorie cost.

If you are an athlete eating a meal high in protein is especially important because it is needed in muscle repair and growth as well. The best time to do so is after an event so whip up some egg whites when you come back from the gym.

What Does Egg Yolk Have That Egg Whites Don’t?

In the whole egg versus egg white debate, the main argument is that you are losing out on a lot of nutrients from the whole egg that you don’t get from the egg white itself. The egg white is where most of the protein in the egg is, but what is in the yolk?

The yolk is where all of the fat and cholesterol in the egg is which is generally considered to be the bad parts, but like any other animal product out there the fatty part of it is where all the micronutrients lie as well. Your Vitamins A, D, E, K and most of your minerals like calcium, zinc, and phosphorous are all from the yolk.

So if you are debating whether or not you should be eating the yolks of your eggs or not, it really comes down to your reasoning behind eating the egg in the first place. If you are eating the egg because it is a good source of protein, you may want to stick to eating just the egg whites themselves.

If you are eating eggs for the nutritional value you get from all of the vitamins and minerals it contains, you definitely want to be eating the yolk.

Eating one yolk a day isn’t going to exceed the daily recommended value of cholesterol you should be getting for the day, so if you are looking for a combination of benefits in micronutrients and protein, try eating one yolk with a few egg whites for a better balance.