cracking forefinger knuckle

Cracking Your Knuckles-Bad for Your Health or Not?

Many of us have the urge to crack our knuckles from time to time, some of us more often than that, in some of us even experience cracking and art knuckles and joints in just moving them.

We’ve also been told that cracking our joints too often made lead to the degeneration of the joint and problems like arthritis. How true exactly are these claims? Generally speaking as long as a cracking of your joints doesn’t results in inflammation or pain, it isn’t harmful to your health.

cracking knuckles

This is because joint cracking in this situation is the results of your skeletal system adjusting to tense muscles, which usually comes after being in one position for too long. This is why many of us experience joint cracking in the morning after getting out of bed, or standing up after being seating for awhile.

Another potential cause of this is just age or overuse of our joints. Age or overuse causes the wearing down of the protective cartilage between our joints, which allows us to move our joints without experiencing pain and discomfort. This is issue results in noisier joints than usual, a telltale sign that someone is experiencing this problem.

With all that being said, if you are someone who does experience regular cracking in their joints just by moving them while experiencing pain and discomfort in doing so, you should see a doctor or medical professional. This problem means there’s something wrong within the joint itself which needs to be corrected.

Should You Intentionally Crack Your Knuckles?

Many of us can crack our larger joints such as our hips, elbows, and these on command however we can do so with our smaller ones. The most commonly ones that people crack intentionally are there knuckles and joints within the fingers, which many of us had been told can cause arthritis.

If you’re someone that always experiences the urge to pop their joints and is your full of getting arthritis from doing so, you should have no fear. To there is no definitive link between arthritis and joint popping as a two aren’t directly related.

cracking knuckles on pinkieWhat popping your joints or knuckles does is releases the air which can build up in between them. This is the result of fast movements in between these joints which creates enough force to push the air out of them.

The reasoning behind why this myth has been persisted over the years is due to a faulty study here in there which showed a correlation between people who regularly cracked their knuckles, arthritis, and overall weaker grip strength.

This study was conducted back in the early 1990s and has since been debunked by a few more recent studies, which were conducted within the last decade.

While there is no scientific evidence which points to joint cracking causing arthritis or other joint problems, the frequency in which you do so is key. Use of any type of joint is going to inevitably wear down the cartilage, so you shouldn’t be cracking your knuckles at every opportunity.

What About Other Joints? Should I Be Cracking Them Too?

Generally speaking the same rule applies to other joints as it does to your fingers. If they’re cracking just through regular movements then that’s or as they’re just naturally resetting themselves. On the other hand if you’re doing so to relieve pain it’s not considered a good idea.

Trying to crack your joints especially along the spine such as the ones in your back and neck is ill advised as it can cause more pain and probably lead to less mobility in the long run. If you’re someone who experiences regular back and neck pain there are some things you should try doing instead of attempting a cracked them for relief.

The first thing you should consider year is giving the muscles which surrounds the area which is affected a good stretch as tense muscles are leading cause of pain in a particular area. If tight muscles aren’t the source of pain in your aching joints than seeking out the help of a medical professional is another option you have.

You should either seek out the advice of a physical therapist or chiropractor, as these two medical professionals can help relieve your pain without causing further damage to your joints in the process.

The reason why you don’t want to be doing this on your own the sides potentially causing injury to the bones or joints, is that’s in doing so you’re going to all over exert the tendons and ligaments in this area as well.
Tearing these tendons and ligaments can be extremely problematic as they do not contain many blood vessels, making their recovery extremely long and tedious when compared to other tissues.