Is Chamonix T-Gen Effective?

 Chamonix T-Gen Introduction

Chamonix T-Gen is basically a nutritional product that touts to boost the body’s free testosterone levels with the use of natural means. This means the utilization of natural components that are clinically proven to enhance sex drive, promote muscle mass, and even help achieve a normal prostate. With these gains, Chamonix T-Gen’s company says that this supplement is a one-of-a-kind natural supplement for the purpose of restoring your sexual health, fitness, and general health and wellness.

To achieve these positive effects, Chamonix T-Gen touts to involve the exclusive Testofen. It comes from fenugreek and sitosterols for the purpose of promoting normal prostate. Below is the complete record of the components involved:

Testofen/Fenugreek Seed 33:1 Extract 300mg

Phytosterols (40% Beta Sitosterol) 100mg

Selenium 90mcg

Pine Bark Extract 60mg

Zinc 15mg

Chamonix T-Gen Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

For two bottles of Chamonix T-Gen containing 60 capsules in each bottle, plus two more bottles of Nitroboost containing arginine and other antioxidants, has a cost of $139.90. Apart from this you will also pay $8.95 for the shipping and handling. The overall cost would be $148.85.

Bear in mind that when you go to the “Select Quantity” selection placed on top of the order form, the quantity it refers is the quantity of two-for-two purchases you want to buy and not the quantity of bottles per piece, so don’t be confused. Otherwise, you would end up paying a lot.

Following this, you will be registered to their autoship plan. This constitutes to you getting a two-month supply of the supplement every two months. With this, your credit card will be automatically billed $148.85. You can stop this if you call the customer service to discontinue.

Moreover, the supplement is also offered with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, less shipping & handling, plus a 9 percent restocking charge. But this guarantee is only applicable to your very first purchase.

If you want to discontinue your registration or ask for a refund, call customer support at 800-754-6211. They’re available Mondays to Fridays from 9 in the morning until 6 in the evening, so that you can get an RMA number.

Is Chamonix T-Gen Effective?

If you’re one of those men who are experiencing reduced testosterone levels with negative manifestations such as decreased sex drive or muscle mass, can Chamonix T-Gen really help you get back your T levels to normal? Before thinking about purchasing Chamonix T-Gen, think of the following considerations:

Clinical Evidence

Generally, many ingredients present in testosterone boosters lack clinical evidence that they’re effective or can help users improve their T levels.

On the other hand, the product’s website cites a clinical study where participants were examined in an eight-week test in addition to performing weight training. But it’s crucial to consider that this research only mentions Testofen and not the supplement itself. Also, this research was headed by Gencor, which is Testofen’s creator. Since there’s no third-party study conducted, the positive results reported are questionable.

As with regards sitosterols, the product site mentions that this clinical test demonstrates a reduction in prostate enlargement. However, both this test and based on the info on WebMD, this study only mentions trouble with urination, and not with any sexual issues. Plus, components selenium, pine bark extract, and zinc don’t have enough clinical proof demonstrating that they can help with low T levels or other sexual problems.

Customer Reviews/Testimonials

Chamonix T-Gen was first listed in October 2011, but as of this writing there aren’t user feedbacks online. As we all know, customers rely on the reviews of other customers to help them decide if a certain brand is worth trying. Moreover, the manufacturer Chamonix is registered with Better Business Bureau but with a B rating. This rating was solidified by 21 complaints, which cite ineffectiveness and the challenge customers face in when discontinuing autoship enrollments and requesting refunds.

Final Recommendation

Chamonix T-Gen is quite expensive considering it doesn’t have sufficient scientific substantiation demonstrating its effectiveness. It should also be put to consideration that a lot of testosterone boosters don’t work as they’re promoted, so it’s important that buyers be extra cautious. It is wiser to speak to a doctor first to make sure that you really have low T levels. After a diagnosis is made, you can be advised to take certain treatments, which you can trust to be effective.

Product Features

-It is said that Chamonix T-Gen can help increase free testosterone levels for improvement of the user’s sex drive, lean muscle mass and increased levels of energy.

-It has no exclusive blends and its official site has a product label with a complete list of ingredients with the inclusion of their respective doses.

-There’s a 60-day money-back guarantee.