Does BMR Commander Work?

Product Overview

BMR Commander is a weight loss supplement that promises to help you achieve your fitness objectives. Its manufacturer, 1st Phorm, stands firm in its promise of a money-back guarantee with an additional of 10 percent in the case that you are unhappy with the results. That is a pretty strong claim, which gives customers the impression that BMR Commander really works because its company is confident about it working.

Ingredient Profile

There are several components present in this supplement. But we’ll only tackle the primary ones listed below:

Niacin – it is crucial for stable functioning of fats and sugars. Plus, it is believed to be capable of reducing cholesterol. The suggested dosage for men is 16 mg, while it is 14 mg for women. We’re not aware of the dosage included in BMR Commander.

B6 – this vitamin is vital for the apt functioning of fats, proteins, and sugars. There are claims considering Vitamin B6 to be effective in boosting sports functions and even in decreasing stress. The suggested dosage for men (14-50 years old) is 1.3 mg while men who are over 50 years old need 1.7 mg. Women on the other hand (19-50 years old) require 1.3 mg and those over 50 years of age need 1.5 mg of this vitamin.

Lipocendiary Modulator

This blend has the following ingredients:

Caffeine – as long as not abused in consumption, caffeine can boost energy level and facilitate thermogenesis. On the other hand, dosage of 500-600 mg per day can trigger adverse effects, such as sleeping problems, anxiety, and abdominal discomfort. However, we don’t know how much caffeine BMR Commander consists.

Other components present in this particular blend are tyromine, hordenine, and cocoa extract.

BMR Commander also contains the blends Adaptec Matrix and Exotherm Catalyst. The former contains choline bitartrate, sulbutiamine, and bacopamonniera. The latter blend, meanwhile, has green tea, yohimbe, coleus forskohlii, cayenne pepper, and synephrine.

BMR Commander Users

Based on the info provided by the company behind this supplement, BMR Commander is ideal for healthy individuals in the ages of 21-55. This product is not apt for people suffering from health problems, such as thyroid disease and high or low blood pressure, to name a few.

It’s not recommended for those who easily get dehydrated, exposed to severe heat, or those who have allergy to iodine. It’s not ideal for people who are under prescription drugs, like MAO inhibitors, anti-depressants, anti-inflammatory medicines, or other stimulants.

BMR Commander can be used by women, too, except when they’re expecting or nursing.

Will the Product be Effectual?

Since we’re not aware of the quantities of each of the ingredient present in BMR Commander’s formula, it’s hard to measure its effectiveness. Given this, we don’t know of these components are in their adequate dosages to generate positive effects. Regardless of an ingredient’s potency, if it’s not contained in sufficient dosage, it still won’t work.

Moreover, BMR Commander’s company says that losing weight is also dependent on several aspects, such as workout level, diet, hormone levels, and even a person’s genetics. Hence, the manufacturer cannot ascertain a specific figure for loss of weight. Still, they’re confident that customers can see a notable outcome. If not, you can always ask for a refund, plus 10%.

Adverse Reactions

It is advised to test your tolerance first by taking one capsule of BMR Commander and then waiting five hours to take another. As soon as you’re able to weigh your tolerance level, it’s fine to take 2 capsules two times per day as long as they’re taken five hours apart. This should be the maximum dose as exceeding is not recommended. You also need to drink 16 ounces of water when taking the supplement, as well as consuming a minimum of 130 ounces of water per day, so you won’t be dehydrated and experience other adverse effects. Steer clear of alcohol and coffee. Stop using BMR Commander if you encounter adverse manifestations, including chest pains, abnormal heartbeat, shivering, and faintness.

BMR Commander Price

BMR Commander has a price of $54.99 if you purchase it from If you opt for the BMR Commander Go Pack, you’ll pay $79.99 with the deal including a Thyro-Drive for better thyroid health. You can also go for the BMR Commander 24-Hour Go Pack, which costs $110.99. This pack has an accompanying Thyro-Drive and Downtime PM for better sleep quality.

Bottom Line

While there are several ingredients present in BMR Commander’s formula, the exact dosages are not included. Also, the company has more than 80,000 Facebook likes, but the product itself has yet to generate many customer feedbacks online.