Beginner’s Guide to the Gym-Tips You Need to Know to Get Fit

Knowing what to do before you step in the gym when you’re new to weightlifting, is essential to your success. When you first start weightlifting, making the most out of your workout is what you want to focus on.

This means your workouts should revolve around compound exercises, as these are the ones that are going to put on the most muscle the fastest. The ones you want to focus your workout around are deadlift, pullups, bench press, overhead press, and squats.

Knowing what exercises to do is of course something every manner woman needs to know before they hit the gym, so make sure to do these five exercises properly from the get go.


We’re going to start with the deadlift because it is an exercise that people new to the gym tend to avoid more so than the others. The biggest mistake people make while doing this exercise is not keeping their spine in alignment, from their lower back all the way up to their head.

Doing so requires that you keep the bar close in to your body, and that you lift the weight using both your legs and back. That is why this exercise is such important one, as many people tend to focus too much on the pressing exercises which can cause an imbalance in their body.


Pullups are another exercise that people tend to neglect, one reason being that getting started in doing so is difficult. This is because if you’re not used to doing the exercise potentially even doing one repetition is difficult if not impossible.

If this is the case that doesn’t mean you should neglect the exercise altogether, as their things like resistant bands or stepping blocks can be used to make yourself in doing this important exercise.

Pullups are something you want to be doing because it is a great indication of your overall upper body strength, working the arms, shoulders and the back as well.

When doing this exercise you want to make sure that your shoulders are back and in a straight alignment throughout its entirety.

Bench Press

Out of these exercises, arguably the easiest one to do is the bench press. This is because while it is a compound exercise it really is only involving your arms which is less involvement compared to the other ones listed here.

With that being said, plenty of people regularly make mistakes doing the bench press which not only hurts their gains but can end up doing damage the process.

When doing the bench press the first thing you need to remember is to keep your feet flat on the ground at all times. You also need to make sure that your hips and shoulders are in contact with the bench throughout the exercise.

Overhead Press

The number one mistake that people make when doing the overhead press is that they use too much weight, and in turn require the recruitment of their leg muscles and other muscles in the body to perform this exercise.

This means that you’re not really targeting the muscle group year that exercises designed to do so that being your shoulders and back.

To do this exercise properly you want to make sure that your legs remains straight throughout, and that you also maintain proper posture in keeping your back straight. It may require that you significantly reduce the amount of weight to properly do so, which is well worth it in the long run.


Squats are another exercise that you want to be regularly including in your workout routine because of its ability to hit multiple muscle groups including all of the ones in the legs. It also helps develop core strength as well, as your body as to stabilize the weight throughout the entirety of the exercise.

When it comes to squats the most important thing you need to remember is to maintain proper form in keeping your back straight throughout the exercise. Many people make the mistake of improperly place in the bar too high up on their neck instead of lower on their traps, which causes their heads the lean forward and in turn their entire body.

To do this exercise properly you should be pushing more with your heels than the balls of your feet which will help you maintain proper form.