Why You Should Be Avoiding Fast Food-It’s Not What You Think It Is

Fast food tastes great, but most of us know that it isn’t exactly the healthiest food on the planet. Double cheeseburgers can give you almost as much calories you need for the entire day, which most people know by now.

However when it comes to fast food, you not only have to worry about the high fat content in many of the beef, cheese and other junk that they add to their concoctions, but other stuff they are adding as well.

Not only is fast food bad when it comes to managing weight and cardiovascular health, but it could be negatively affecting your health in other ways as well, which you just aren’t aware of.

Here are a few reasons why you should avoid fast food next time you get the craving.

Fast Food Meat Isn’t 100% Meat

Recent advances in DNA testing has allowed us to test the percentage of certain meats within the product itself.  Many of the meat used in fast food meals, is not 100% of what they say it is.

preview-full-shutterstock_406893664This means that your nugget, burger, or whatever you are eating isn’t 100% meat. Many companies claim that their products are made WITH 100% meat, but that is just some fancy world play which means nothing except that the meat actually came from animals.

Well yeah, the meat in their burgers or nuggets may come from animals, but the burger itself is 100% meat.

This wouldn’t be a huge issue if companies were only using a little filler, which would be understandable given the huge discount in most fast food.  This isn’t the case however and is much larger problem than previously thought.

Some chains are worse than others, Subway in particular was the worst offender. In some of its chicken tested, it was found that up to 50% of it was not actually chicken, but soy filler.

Most Fast Food Restaurants Use Inferior Oil

Another thing many people don’t consider when eating fast food is what they are cooking this stuff in. Well it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise to find out that the oils used are unhealthy, and are usually modified in some way to increase their stability.

This means in most cases that the oil is partially hydrogenated, which makes it even more unhealthy.

Many of the oils used in fast food restaurants are genetically modified as well. The GMOs themselves may not be concern, but many pesticides and herbicides used to maintain these crops have been linked to cancer and other negative health effects.

The unknown aspect of it all makes it more than enough of a reason to stay away from, plus the fact that french fries are nutritionally deficient and not really healthy to eat anyway with or without the fatty oil.

Poisonous Packaging Can Potentially Cause Cancer

preview-full-shutterstock_524189431As if worrying about the food itself wasn’t enough, you have to worry about the packaging as well. Certain plastic derivatives found in many fast food wrappers contain toxic synthetic ingredients that have been associated with hormonal imbalance, developmental toxicity and even cancer.

Recent studies have shown a link between the increased diagnosis of ADHD in the general population and the chemicals contained in many of these packages.

One of the chemicals commonly found in many plastic wrappers is in the family of PFCs which have been known to mimic the hormone estrogen for example.

Condiments Contain High Fructose Corn Syrup

High fructose corn syrup is found in many fast food condiments including ketchup, barbeque, sweet and other sauces as well. High fructose corn syrup is something we want to avoid because it can lead to diabetes and obesity.

Many people don’t think high fructose syrup is so bad because it has the same caloric value as sugar, but the effects on your body are much different. The body more readily can digest and use high fructose corn syrup, which causes high spikes in the blood.

Other problems with sauces involve the addition to artificial sweeteners which not only do not help us in maintaining weight, have been shown to encourage weight gain.

These additional sweeteners are in everything, even in food items you wouldn’t expect. Your average fast food burger has at least 11 grams of sugar added, which is more than 2 tablespoons. If there burgers are so tasteless that they have to add sugar to them, there is a serious problem.