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Aiming to Lose Weight? Change Your Mindset First

Wanting to lose weight and having the right mindset to do it are totally different things. You may want to transform your body for a healthier version of yourself but you might find it difficult to alter your mindset. It’s hard to start anything if you can’t find the motivation that you need to get started. You know you have to but your willpower doesn’t last that long. So, you’re stuck feeling horrible because you don’t know how to start living a healthy life.

As you do, you gain weight even more and you feel trapped and out of control. You don’t know how to help yourself and you’re also feeling hopeless that your body and health will never improve. Don’t worry, it’s just normal to feel that way. But just so you know, you don’t have to consistently wallow in your inability to change your lifestyle. Also, know that the reason why you can’t get yourself to live healthily to lose weight is because your mind isn’t aligned with what you really want.

lose weight concept and factorsIn order to have the discipline of changing your eating habits and sedentary lifestyle, you first need to have the right mindset. Without it, all you can do is think and think without any tangible actions. To get moving once and for all and begin a weight loss management plan after weeks of months of stalling and self-pity, it’s first necessary to find personal motivation and know the real reason why you genuinely want to lose weight.

Here’s how you can help yourself to change your mindset:

1. As soon as you feel that you’re determined to start a weight loss program, the first thing you need to do is find out how much you weigh. So, get on the scale first thing in the morning to find out. As soon as you do, compare this to your supposed-to-be healthy weight, which depends on your height. So, you can learn three things from this – you’re at a healthy weight, you’re overweight, and you’re way more overweight than you thought. Your next course of action will depend on what you’ve discovered on this first step.

2. Find out the genuine reason you may have for wanting to slim down. To make it more tangible, list these reasons down. It could be because having a healthy weight improves your confidence and having confidence enables you to perform better at work. It could also be because you love staying active outdoors with your friends and family and your being overweight slows you down.

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Think of deep, personal reasons of why you really want to lose weight. The aesthetics part of it is just a bonus. There may be some people who value the aesthetics part of weight loss the most, but, in general, it simply boils down to just being stronger and healthier.

3. Think about how being overweight can increase your risk of multitudes of health problems. Surely, a life with serious medical conditions is not something you imagine yourself to be in. It’s not fun to be sick. It will considerably interfere with how you want to live your life. It’s expensive, too.

Unfortunately, the more extra weight you gain, the more you’re drawing yourself into these medical issues that are just too frightening to consider. But it’s true, people who are overweight are more likely to have heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and high cholesterol. These are actually life-threatening conditions that weight loss can prevent from ever manifesting. So, if losing weight is something that can save you from the pains of sickness, why not, right?

4. Get support from your closest circle such as your family and friends. Share your fitness and health goals with people you trust as they can support you as you go through the entire process of changing your lifestyle for the purpose of losing weight and getting healthier.

This way, they can also remind you of what you’re trying to aim every time your motivation gets lost in the seas of frustration, distraction, and temptation. If you find it hard to convince yourself, maybe you’ll listen to others. They can even join you in your physical activities for further support. Besides, the more the merrier so that’ll just make it even more exciting.

5. Create a weight loss plan that is based on your objectives. For instance, jot down the time, place, duration, and activity you want to do every day for your workout session. By seeing a specific plan, it gives you the feeling that it is doable and handy. It also sets your mind into it so that you’re not easily distracted by the other factors in your life that only make it harder for you to lose weight.

When you see the plan you’ve made yourself, it gives you a sense that you’re already accomplishing something. It’s different if you’re just thinking about what activity you’ll do because you can easily change your mind. Something written, on the other hand, you somehow committed to sticking to it.

6. Think of ways you can reward yourself for losing weight. Start with small goals. For instance, you get something for yourself whenever you lose 2-5 pounds. You could buy a new pair of shoes or have some pamper time at the spa. You could even have your favorite treat as long as you have it in moderation. Basically, anything that makes you happy you allow yourself to have as a reward for achieving your weight loss goals.