According to Recent Studies, Consistency Is Key When It Comes to Weight Loss

A new study published in the journal Obesity revealed that consistency is extremely important when trying to lose weight.

The study showed that consistently losing weight over a longer period of time was more effective in keeping the weight off among obese and overweight individuals. These people who lost weight gradually were compared to those who lost weight in a much quicker manner, and the former fared a lot better than the latter in the long run.

Developing a stable routine that consists of a healthy diet and exercise routine has been shown to be the most effective way to keep weight down over the long term. Based on the study’s findings this is the best course of action for most of us, however with that being said it is pretty evident that most of us aren’t sure how to get there.

How can we modify our lifestyle and diet to where we actually enjoy our meals and our routine on a daily basis-to where we can maintain it long term?

Make a Meal Plan Ahead of Time

One of the biggest issues many of us have are impulse buys, which not only can ruin our diet but are bad for the budget as well. This more often than not happens at work, where we decide to head to the vending machine, food truck or cafeteria for food instead of bringing our own.

These foods are typically loaded with calories and other additives, while being low in fiber. All this does is satisfy our cravings in the short term, leaving us hungry and inevitably consuming more afterwards because of it.

To combat this, the best thing you can do is to plan ahead. Food preparation and planning never is a fun thing to organize, but it will save you money and calories in the long run. Simply replacing a bag of chips for a banana or a chocolate bar for some trail mix adds up over time, and you will see the difference.

Schedule Your Workouts in Advance

Another area where many of us fail is getting to the gym and exercising on a regular basis. It really comes down to making time for your routine, and that means having to schedule it in to your day just like you would do any other obligation.

Not doing so makes it easy for you to convince yourself not to go for whatever reason. Scheduling ahead of time is going to make you look forward to going to the gym as well, as it is a planned part of your day and not another added unwanted activity that you are throwing on the heap at the end of your day.

Supplement Your Diet if Necessary

Most of us don’t get all of the necessary nutrients that the body needs, and in fact most adults are deficient in more than one of these essential nutrients that the body needs. Ideally you want to get all of your nutrition from food sources, but that is not the case for most people based on their diets.

To help yourself out you can take a supplement in the form of a multivitamin to make up that difference. Many of these nutrients we are missing out on heavily influence hormone production and thus our weight, so make sure that you are taking a multivitamin in addition to your meals if need be.

Switch Up Your Routine!

Being consistent in exercise doesn’t mean that you have to be doing the same thing every day. Doing so is going to make exercise another chore that you don’t want to do, so make sure to vary up your routine.

Another thing to consider is to do weight training if you don’t already, as more muscle tissue growth can help you to lose weight. This is because more muscle mass translates in to a higher resting metabolic rate, as your muscles require energy to run-even at rest. More energy burned equals more fat loss, so make sure to include weight training as a part of your routine.

Also you want to make sure that you can exercise into your twilight years, so make sure to reduce the impact on your joints whenever possible. If you like running for example, try throwing in some swimming or cycling to your routine to reduce that impact over time.