A Review of Sterodrol

About the Product

We all know that steroids are prohibited, especially in the world of sports and other physical competitions. For this reason, weightlifters find a way to get ahold of similar products that aren’t illegal. One of such products is Sterodrol, which is a pro-hormone that’s developed to provide benefits one can get from steroids while being considered legitimate.

This specific product is created by the company PharmaPro, which claims that Sterodrol is effective in terms of constructing lean muscle mass, boosting muscle volume and density, as well as delivering further stamina, slowing down the production of estrogen, and boosting the user’s sexual libido.

These assertions aren’t new since any testosterone enhancer says the same things. As for Sterodrol, let’s find out if it’s as promising as its company claims it to be.

What are the Components?

This particular testosterone-boosting supplement utilizes a variety of components for maximized effects. It functions in two ways, one is for increasing testosterone and the other is for slowing down aromatase.

As a testosterone booster:

preview-full-shutterstock_519380434T.Alatus Del – this is a pro-hormone that’s been proven to increase testosterone and other essential hormones. It is nearly linked to tribulus terrestris, which is also used for the same purpose. On the other hand, while the potential of tribulus terrestris is still fully undetermined, tribulus alatus has been receiving appreciation from users in the bodybuilding industry. Moreover, T.alatus boosts free testosterone levels. This means it can be utilized wherever in the bloodstream and won’t ultimately cause greater production of estrogen.

Physalis Somnifera – this is also called the Indian Ginseng, which is an adaptogenic. It’s believed to cause a great increase in the size, density, and force of the muscles. It’s also believed to be efficient for aphrodisiac purposes. Additionally, this type of ginseng it considered to be efficient in boosting energy levels.

The aforementioned components can bring great effects on your muscles when it comes to development, power, and stamina by first increasing your testosterone levels. However, boosting of the T-levels is only one part of a whole equation. From here, testosterone is transformed into estrogen, which results to the body unresponsive to your workout regimen. This applies to both steroid consumers and those who aren’t.

As Aromatase Inhibitors:

Reynoutria Japonica – this is an herbal extract that’s also known as Japanese Knotweed. It mainly functions by obstructing estrogen receptors and restraining Sex Hormone Binding Globulin or SHBG as this attaches to testosterone and stops it from being utilized to develop muscles. Nonetheless, there’s no research to back up these assertions.

Hebanthe Paniculata – also known as suma root, this is a type of ginseng that serves as an adaptogen, which means that aids in the body’s mechanism to deal with stress while boosting energy. On the other hand, it also causes increased manufacturing of estrogen since it fortifies the adrenal glands and imitates what estrogen can bring.

Urtica Galeopsifolia – this is also called Fen Nettle. It’s been used in the industry of bodybuilding as means to boost free testosterone levels by slowing down SHBG. Nevertheless, stinging nettle has been shown to be more efficient than stingless nettle, which is what’s used here. It’s still unknown if Fen Nettle can also generate the same outcome.

In addition, this product has Maxsportion, which is a patented extract of piper nigrum. It’s been clinically studied and tested to increase the assimilation of all the components mentioned above during the process of digestion.

Does Sterodrol Work?

preview-full-shutterstock_566707693The product label of this supplement illustrates comprehensive list of the components, which is great for customers in order for them to check said information, including the name of ingredients and their respective quantities.

Based on our evaluation of the components, they’re efficient ad should increase your testosterone levels, except for a few components which have questionable potential such as fan nettle and suma root.

Since this product is a pro-hormone, it triggers similar adverse reactions that conventional steroids do, which are worsened acne and bad temper.

Product Cost & Refund Policy

As of this writing, the cheapest deal we found online for this supplement is $74. If you purchase this directly from the company, the cost is $79.95 without satisfaction guarantee to items that are not unopened.

A container of Sterodrol has 120 capsules with the suggested dosage of two capsules two times daily. The ideal schedule for consumption is during your first and last meals of the day.

Final Thoughts

Sterodrol has the potential to boost your testosterone levels, as well as stop said testosterone from being converted to estrogen. But there are some issues with this supplement such as the side effects and its lack of refund.