A Review of Align Probiotic


A Review of Align Probiotic

Align Probiotic is currently the No. 1 probiotic supplement in the market nowadays that’s being highly endorsed. Its success of providing digestive well-being is due to its use of a strain that’s patented, as it is being claimed.

Most complaints that Align Probiotics got are about it not working as promised, its cost which is pricey, and the triggering of stomach upset. However, most reviews are positive and customers are generally satisfied. Align Probiotic was actually manufactured by Procter & Gamble, the one based in Cincinnati, Ohio and the one which got an A+ Better Business Bureau score regardless of the over 280 complaints it received in the past three years.

Is Align Probiotic Effective?

Improve digestive system

As stated on the product’s website, unhealthy diet and intense stress can cause disruption in the good bacteria in the stomach. When this happens, the entire digestive system suffers. To avoid this from happening, Align Probiotic makes use of over 1 billion CFUs of live bacteria to bring the digestive system in the best condition. This is parallel to claims of other products Whole Body Keybiotics and New Chapter Probiotic All-Flora.

Part of Align’s declaration is that it’s the only probiotic supplement to put in force the patented bacteria B. infantis 35624. According to its site, this bacteria strain has been examined and verified in clinical studies. Further supporting B. infantis 35624’s potency, Align also claims that the positive results of probiotics are strain-specific. On the other hand, the website failed to specify the exclusive benefits of this strain.

Moreover, the bacteria in this product are preserved by freeze-drying it during its manufacturing process. As a result, it will be fine to use for up to two years without being put into the refrigerator.

Consumption of Align is only one capsule per day. A capsule contains a calorie, which is why Align can also be taken as part of shedding some pounds. Luckily, side effects are not severe, mostly stomach upset like gas and bloating.

Market Price & Refund Conditions

Where to buy

For those interested buyers, Align can be acquired through the following: CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Amazon.com, and Drugstore.com, among others. The price ranges from $23 to $41 and is available by 28s and 42s.

As for the refund, Align guarantees use of the product risk-free for up to 60 days, though this offer is only limited to purchases of not lower than $46.99. Plus, the refund won’t be in cash, it will be a prepaid card, which will take 6-8 weeks to be taken care of. To begin, you must call the customer hotline at (800) 337-5036.


Align’s online reputation is good, thanks to the overpowering messages of thanks and effectiveness. However, nothing is flawless and Align is one good example. During our research, we found some issues that can cause serious concern.

One and certainly the most important issue is Procter & Gamble’s legal predicament back in 2011 when the company was accused of spreading false claims on Align Probiotic’s effectiveness. Procter & Gamble allegedly claimed there was clinical evidence to support their claims of Align’s efficacy when there wasn’t. Up to now, the case remains unsolved.

To know more about this issue, we read every clinical study that was mentioned on the Bifantis website. These studies seem to link the benefits of Bifantis to illnesses such as irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis. Its possible use as antidepressants was also referenced in these studies. Strangely, none of these appear to mention digestive wellness it can bring to healthy people and not just the ones with the aforementioned health conditions.

Part of its strategy to entice customers is that it claims to be the “#1 Gastroenterologist Recommended Probiotic.” However, it is important to note that this is only among gastroenterologists who endorsed a brand of probiotic in a 2012 survey of Source Healthcare Analytics, LLC. We tried to find a copy of this survey, but we failed.