7 Pregnancy Sex Positions to Try with Your Mama-to-Be

If your partner is pregnant, one thing you will notice is their increase in sex drive. The hormones that are coursing through their veins have made them a mad bundle of sex-fueled rage. However, the second thing you will also notice is that pregnant sex can be logistically difficult on account of the large bump between the two of you. Not only is it physically difficult, but it can make you feel very conscious of squashing it. So here are some sex positions that are great for when your partner is pregnant but you still want to get your rocks off.


Spooning is a good old classic and is great for pregnancy as it keeps the bump out of the way. If you lay behind her, curled around her, and insert your penis from behind. You can both control the rocking motion, while it is easy for you to reach around at hip level and manipulate her clitoris underneath the baby bump.

Missionary pillow


One of the problems with missionary, when your lady is pregnant, is the angle. However, this can be remedied. Have her lay flat on her back while you come in between her leg. Wedge a pillow under the small of her back, which will tilt her pelvis upward. This will give you a better angle for penetration and will avoid you pressing against the bump as you thrust.

Side stand

If you have her laying flat on her back at the edge of the bed. You then stand, and you raise her legs up and around your neck. This will tilt her bump back and allow you to enter easily, without putting pressure on her tummy.

Side by side angle


This is an interesting and intimate position which protects her bump. You lie on your side and she also lays on her side perpendicular to you. Your heads are at the same end of the bed. Then she places her butt on your lap, so she is 90 degrees to you, and you enter her at an angle. She needs to tuck her knees up on top of your legs.

Protected doggy style

Doggy style is fine, but it can cause the bump to swing around a bit, disturbing the baby. Instead, have her tuck her knees underneath her a little. This will allow her to lean forward into doggy style, keeping the bump secure, while also leaning back on to your lap, to control penetration herself.


When the woman is on top, she can control the pressure and speed herself. Pregnant women are very sexually charged so this always provides a perfect show.    By her being on top, it also reduces the pressure of you on the bump. The only problem with this position is that she won’t physically be able to bend down and kiss you, so it is a little less intimate.


The scissoring technique allows for much slower and more gentle penetration, which is often recommended for pregnant women. You lay on your side facing each other, with you legs interlocked as you slide your penis inside of her. This position is very intimate, and you may have to be at a slight angle to avoid the bump.

Make sure you are ready for the wild nights of pregnancy sex by taking a supplement like ‘Maca Marathon Man 1000’, because with the hormones pumping through her, she is going to want long sex sessions to get all her horniness out. Enjoy it while it lasts and experiment with this new way of working.