5 Small Habits for Better Physical Health

Most of the time being healthy means doing just the tiniest things that we’re highly capable of doing if only we’re not too lazy, distracted, or stubborn. If we put our minds and efforts into making these small changes in our lifestyles, it’ll make a great deal of difference when it comes to our wellness. Below are 5 small habits you can to improve your physical health:

Athletic man drinking water

1. Go for a glass of water first thing in the morning. Not coffee, or tea, it should be water. More often than not getting eight glasses of water daily is tough with how busy we can get. We fail to replenish our supply of liquids because we resort to drinking soda, tea or coffee instead of water. Help yourself drink in the morning by leaving a glass of water on the counter or table. Think of how gulping water first thing will eliminate the toxins from your body, initiate your system to start working including your metabolism, and help you wake yourself up from your drowsy state. Make this a habit and you’ll see the benefits manifesting soon.

2. Allow yourself to have a bit of opportunity to walk by not parking near the door. Sedentary lifestyle is common, equating it with comfort but there’s nothing comfortable with the negative effects of being physically inactive. If your job entails you to sit at your desk for hours every day, you need to counteract the effects by getting more steps whenever you can.

3. Don’t miss on fruits and veggies with your every meal. Going for some greens and succulent fruits will not only help your body receive more nourishment, you’ll also be provided with more fiber, which is vital for weight loss, sustaining energy, and reducing hunger.


4. Stand up and stretch every hour. With the long hours of sitting people nowadays indulge themselves in, whether it’s for work or entertainment, standing and stretching after an hour is a health necessity. Since it can be hard to remember this especially when you’re pre-occupied, you can set a trigger like a beep on your phone or computer to remind you it’s time to stand and stretch. Sitting for a long time is absolutely not great for your body and brain. A physical and mental break is needed. It doesn’t need to be something intense. You only need to stop. Stand up, reach over your head, take a good, deep breath, touch your toes, and your roll your shoulders.

5. It is a good idea to carry some protein-rich snacks wherever you go to avoid feeling hungry. Ideal candidates would be nuts and beef jerky. This way, you have something to munch on, helping you stave off hunger and the possibility of overeating as a result of this hunger. Plus, more protein in your diet means an improved metabolism and better muscles.