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4 Exercises You Need to Include in Your Next Workout for Powerful Glutes

Many people train their gluts just for looks, while many of us neglect reading them altogether. This is especially true for many men, especially those were modest and don’t want to do potentially embarrassing exercises at the gym.

The bad news here is that collecting to train your gluts is only going to take you so far as they play an important role in one’s ability to properly execute many other different exercises.

Many people are under the false impression that squats and dead less alone are going to be enough as far as their glute training is concerned, a belief that is going to stunt their progression in the long run. Your are some of the best glute exercises that you should consider doing the next time leg day rolls around.

1.Negative Split Squat

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Split squads are going to be some of the most effective exercises out there to help isolate the glutes, an effort to best build them up. If you’re unfamiliar with this exercise it is very similar to your traditional lunge, however it is done in a stationary position.

Another key component here is that unlike the lunge you’ll be taking a step backwards as opposed to forwards, which is going to help better engage your glutes primarily, as opposed to the quadriceps and hamstrings.

2. Landmine Deadlift

While dead lists are definitely going to help engage the glutes, a traditional way in which they are performed doesn’t specifically target them like we’re looking to do here. Without being said we can take the dead lift and modify it slightly so that it does in fact primarily targeted glutes, to as is what we’re doing here.

A landmine dead lift is performed by taking your typical olympic barbell, putting an adequate amount of weight on one side while having nothing on the opposite end. The end with no weight on it should be catty cornered, while you are left in the weight grabbing the far end of the bar doing so in a squatting position.

A key here is that while there is going to be some movement in the legs and knees you want to be primarily pivoting at your hips, as this is what is going to make the exercise target the glutes.

3. Skater Squats

This is another exercise that is similar to a lunge, yet due to the slight modification here it is definitely an exercise to consider doing the next time you want to hit glutes. To do this exercise you want to grab a plate as opposed to dumbbells, and if you’re new to the exercise 35 pounds is a good start.

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To perform this exercise you are going to start with your feet next together, with 1 foot planted on the ground balancing all of your weight on this one foot. You then want to take your opposite leg and gradually extend it backwards, bringing your leg it down to the floor to wear your knee is almost touching it similarly as you would do in the lunge.

If you do to this exercise first getting down the balance instability is going to be your biggest challenge so do as many repetitions as you can.

4. Barbell Hip Thrust

To do this exercise you’re going to need an olympic bar, and a weight bench. You want to position yourself to where your back is elevated off the ground, and your shoulders and upper back should be in contact with the bench.

The bar should be draped over your midsection with a towel or some type of pad if needed in between the bar in your midsection. You then begin the movement by driving your feet and extending your hips upwards as if you’re going through the bar.

Afterwards you want to extend it your feet as high up as possible lifting yourself up on your tippy toes. You then want to do the motion in reverse to return back to the starting position.

If you are unfamiliar with doing this exercise this is one that you should consider doing with a spotter at first as it can be rather all cord and difficult to get the hang of at first.

That shouldn’t discourage you go as does exercise is one of the only ones out there that really targets to glutes without the need to recruit any other muscle groups to perform the exercise.