10 Nastiest Snacks You Should Know About


There is a lot of cheese flavors formed into tiny cubes, so that they’re ready for snacking. While it serves its purpose of being a tasty snack, a dice of 28 grams has 80 calories with the 50 calories originating from the fat in it. There are better brands brandishing their cheese to contain lower fat, but generally it’s best to make cheese an occasional craving rather than a regular snack delight.


If you prepare your own soup at home with healthy ingredients you personally pick, then it’s all good. But this is not the same for packet soups that have too much salt with a variety of artificial preservatives. More often than not, these packed soups show their thickness when they get a little cold due to high starch content. Thus, for obvious reasons stick to homemade soups instead.

Dried fruits

The problem that snacking dried fruits comes with is the fact that is the preservatives and supplementary flavorings these items are filled with. These are done so to add taste to them, as well as lengthen their shelf life. If you’re into salted almonds and other nuts, look for the kinds that aren’t added much flavors.

Canned fruits


You may think that since they’re fruits they’re also healthy snacks. But canned fruits are highly sweetened by added sugar and corn syrup since these serve as the main preservatives for the fruits. On the other hand, canned fruits are high in calories you’re like ingesting candy in liquid form. If you want fruits, then better to stick fresh ones or juices to save your body from all that sugar.

Apple sauce

This is made from apples with high content of sugar and corn syrup as well, which makes it packed with calories. If you think about it, this isn’t a snack but more of a meal considering the high calorie content. Though there are better versions with lower sugar content, why not have apples instead?


Eating pickles should be in moderation because of its high sodium content and is even filled with too much oil for added taste and preservation sometimes. If you have a sensitive gut, make sure to read the label because there may be added spices your stomach could not handle.

Potato chips

preview-full-shutterstock_156787919Nearly all packed potato chips are fried, which means these are high in fat. The baked version may be better, but there’s still too much salt. Eat potato chips regularly and it can trigger hypertension, as well as have a lasting impact not only on your weight, but also on your health in general.


Just like all the items in this list, crackers can easily load your body with fat. Aside from fat, it’s loaded with carbs and salt. Obviously, this doesn’t qualify as a healthy snack. There are crackers that have lower fat and salt, hence, these kinds are better options for snacking every now and then.