It can be difficult to find the right workout routine that works for you. Some people like a group or class setting where they work out to a choreographed routine taught by an instructor. Classes like yoga or Zumba are perfect for people who love a class setting. However, others might like to individually workout.

Gyms are preferable to these types of people who want to exercise in their time and make up their own routine. Although, going to an ordinary gym can get boring after a while. If you’re bored with your gym, you need to look no further than kickboxing. Kickboxing is a great exercise that will push you toward your fitness goals as well as your life goals. But is kickboxing better than a gym?


Here are the ten advantages of taking a kickboxing class:

1. Burns calories

It’s commonly known that kickboxing can burn up to 750 calories in an hour. With such a high-calorie burn you’ll not only be strengthening your muscles, but you’ll be accelerating your metabolism as well. Kickboxing is the ideal exercise if you want to lose weight. Since kickboxing is such an intense form of exercise, you’ll benefit from a total body workout.

2. Tones your muscles

Kickboxing can get you in shape! When you take a kickboxing class, you’re likely to work out your arms, shoulders, and core doing various movements and exercise. Also, you might work out your legs and glutes while doing front side and roundhouse kicks. All these movements will aid in the flexibility of your muscles which is essential for your overall health.

3. Enhances agility

By taking a kickboxing class, you’ll see an increase in hand and eye coordination as well as an increase in your overall strength. After taking several sessions, you’ll be able to improve your reflexes which will over time boost your potential for balancing. Although, for those who don’t put a lot of effort into their training it’s expected that these benefits may not be seen. Therefore, it’s necessary to be committed to kickboxing if you want these advantages to happen to you.

4. Increases energy

While some people might be perplexed by this advantage kickboxing does increase energy levels, however, while energy levels aren’t raised during the workout or immediately after they are boosted in a roundabout way. Since working out releases feel-good endorphins, you’re likely to experience a positive reaction from your body; therefore, you’ll have more energy to do other activities. In fact, after your workout and sometime after you rest you’ll find that you’ll experience a rush of energy. Often, that rush energy is because of your workout.

5. Stops gym boredom

Some people can find daily use of the same machines at the gym taxing. However, kickboxing classes offer people an alternative workout where people can do multiple exercises and routines. If you go to the gym, you’re more likely to do the same routine rather than try something new since you’re comfortable in your ability to do that exercise correctly. Therefore, kickboxing offers various training methods and routines that are based on what you like.

6. Improves posture

Most people have jobs where they sit at a desk all day. These jobs can hinder posture and balance since muscle groups aren’t being strengthened or at least used. However, kickboxing works out various muscle groups that are not used in everyday activities; therefore, your posture and stability will improve over time. If you have a desk job, it’s advised that you try and exercise to work out those muscles. Kickboxing is one of the best exercises to work out your muscles and improve your posture.

7. Relieves stress

Some people like exercising while others don’t, however exercising has been known to relieve stress. If you have a high-stress job or something is bothering you, why not try kickboxing? You can release your frustration by exercising and completing specific drills.  Who knows, you might like it more than you thought you would?

8. Demonstrates discipline

Like every martial art, kickboxing shows discipline. Discipline can be displayed through following directions, grasping a specific set of movements, and having the determination to learn the stances correctly. Depending on how prevalent kickboxing is in your life you might decide to add discipline to your lifestyle. Control can help you choose healthy foods to eat, select affordable products, and make safe choices for the future.

9. Teaches self-defense

Kickboxing can teach you self-defense techniques if you’re ever in a risky situation. Self-defense is necessary to know since you don’t want to get hurt at the hands of someone else if it can be prevented. However, kickboxing shouldn’t be used as a weapon against someone else. Kickboxing is strictly for your own defense if needed. Therefore, kickboxing offers people an outlet by providing such services like self-defense in addition to a high-intensity exercise.

10. Boosts your confidence

The exercise of kickboxing is known to tone and shape bodies as well as improve self-esteem. When you take a kickboxing class, it’s likely that afterward, you’ll feel positive about the workout. Like all workouts, kickboxing allows the body to release endorphins which in return make the body feel happy about the activity. In addition, the action of kickboxing teaches you protection which can improve your self-confidence about your abilities in a risky situation. Therefore, kickboxing not only enhances your feelings about the way your body looks but also improves your self-respect.


Whether you like it, or you don’t, kickboxing offers many advantages. For example, kickboxing increases your energy as well as improves your posture. While many workouts may boost your confidence, however, kickboxing also teaches you self-defense techniques. What kind of exercise does both? In fact, kickboxing can teach you a lot more than standard stances. If you put in the work, you might learn the meaning of disciple and how it can be used in your life. If you want to try kickboxing today look at local classes for prices, times, and availability.